World War II Ends 75 Years Ago


75 years ago, the Empire of Japan formally surrendered to the Allies aboard the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. The War In Europe had already concluded, this brought an end to perhaps the greatest calamity in history.

Most of the World War II generation is gone. Those that are still with us are likely in need of some care from us, the generations that enjoy the freedom they gained for us. That war was the most terrible in a century of terrible wars. The world would be a very different, dark place, had the Allies not prevailed. It wasn’t too long ago that the first world war passed out of living memory, so will the second. Nevertheless, we should never forget them.

The Flying Angels Team is fortunate to care for veterans, we are especially fortunate to meet those from WWII and their families. Many veterans choose to forget the loss, the horrors, and the sacrifice. They may have suffered from nightmares and malaria relapses years ago. Warring nations and their veterans have become friends. Life has gone on for those who survived. Some bear guilt for living while others did not, some lived their lives and raised their families as a silent tribute. We hear some of the stories but we will never know all.

We remember, we salute. To those who came home: to those who didn’t; to the factory workers; to the Gold Star families; even to our former enemies. Let us never forget.

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We Can Transport Your Veteran

We can transport your veteran. Contact us, and a Flight Coordinator will be able to answer all your questions. 

Whether you need Non-Emergency Medical Transport to move a loved one across the country to a new care facility or assistance traveling to a fun destination, Flying Angels can help. We provide bedside to bedside medical transport for clients with a wide array of challenges.

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