For many individuals undergoing dialysis, the prospect of air travel can seem daunting. Dialysis, a life-sustaining treatment for those with severe kidney failure, requires regular sessions that can seemingly complicate the logistics of traveling. However, with careful planning and the right support, dialysis patients can travel by air, opening a world of possibilities.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) services play a pivotal role in making this a reality. NEMT companies specialize in assisting individuals with medical needs during travel, including those requiring dialysis. These services encompass a range of support and services that ensure the safety and well-being of dialysis patients while they travel by air.

Understanding the Needs of Dialysis Patients

Dialysis patients require treatment several times a week, which involves either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is typically performed in a clinic and uses a machine to filter toxins and fluids from the blood, a process that takes several hours. Peritoneal dialysis, on the other hand, is often done at home and involves a cleansing fluid being infused into and drained from the abdomen via a catheter, which filters the blood inside the body.

The key concern for dialysis patients looking to travel is scheduling treatments around their travel itinerary. For hemodialysis patients, this might mean arranging sessions at a dialysis center near their destination. Peritoneal dialysis patients have more flexibility, as they can perform their treatment independently, provided they have the necessary supplies and a clean environment.

Planning for Air Travel

When considering air travel, dialysis patients need to plan meticulously. This includes consulting with healthcare providers to ensure travel is safe and discussing shifting treatment schedules. It is crucial to have a medical plan in place that includes identifying dialysis centers at the destination and carrying sufficient medical records and supplies.

For those on peritoneal dialysis, traveling requires carrying enough dialysis supplies for the duration of the trip, plus some extra in case of delays. Airlines typically allow passengers with medical conditions to bring additional baggage to accommodate medical supplies at no extra cost, but this should be confirmed in advance.

How NEMT Services Facilitate Safe Dialysis Patient Air Travel

This is where NEMT services become invaluable. NEMT companies such as Flying Angels specialize in assisting individuals with medical needs during travel, including those who require dialysis. NEMT services include the following.

Medical coordination: NEMT providers coordinate with medical facilities both at the origin and destination to ensure continuity of care. This includes arranging treatment sessions at dialysis centers near the travel destination or ensuring that peritoneal dialysis patients have adequate space and set up at their accommodation to perform self-dialysis.

Travel logistics: In the case of Flying Angels, RN Flight Coordinators handle all aspects of the travel arrangements, from booking flights to organizing ground transportation. They ensure that all travel plans accommodate the medical schedule of the patient.

Medical equipment and supplies: NEMT companies also assist in the transport of necessary medical equipment and supplies. For dialysis patients, this could mean arranging the transport of personal dialysis equipment or ensuring an adequate supply of dialysis consumables.

In-flight care: For patients who require assistance during the flight, NEMT provides a flight nurse to accompany the patient. These professionals are equipped to address any medical issues that may arise during the journey, providing peace of mind for the patient and their family.

With the advent of specialized NEMT services, dialysis patients have more freedom to travel by air than ever before. While the process requires significant planning and coordination, the support provided by NEMT companies such as Flying Angels ensures that dialysis patients can manage their treatment effectively while enjoying the benefits of air travel.

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