Long Distance Medical Transport

Who Needs Long Distance Medical Transport?

Flying Angels work with clients who have a wide variety of medical conditions and reasons for needing assistance during their journey. Some of the most common reasons clients need long distance medical transport services include the following.

  • Seniors relocating to a new home
  • People with disabilities going on a long-distance vacation
  • Those suffering from dementia who have difficulty traveling alone
  • People who have injuries such as broken bones
  • Those who live with conditions that require use of a wheelchair
  • People moving elderly parents to another state or country
  • Those returning home after suffering a sudden illness or injury while traveling

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Long distance medical transport allows patients who cannot fly on their own the opportunity to travel with an experienced flight nurse who handles all of their medical needs. Using commercial airlines, a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company takes care of all your flight arrangements. A flight nurse then travels with you, providing support and medical care throughout your journey. 

Flying Angels offers long distance medical transport services no matter how long the journey. Our flight nurses serve as a medical travel companion on both domestic and international flights.

The Advantages of Long Distance Medical Transport

NEMT services offer an alternative to expensive emergency medical transport. Travelers still make their journey on a commercial flight. However, RN flight coordinators handle all the travel arrangements. A flight nurse manages medication, medical equipment and any special arrangements needed to navigate security at the airport and board the airplane. Flying Angels flight nurses have years of experience in nursing and have earned a license to provide medical care at high altitudes.

What Flight Nurses Do

 During long distance medical transport, Flying Angels flight nurses manage a wide variety of duties, giving travelers the peace of mind of knowing they are under the care of professionals. 

  • RN flight coordinators book all your travel arrangements with commercial airlines
  • Flight nurses travel with you on your flights, ensuring that you stay in good health and managing all medications and medical equipment during the trip.
  • Work with airlines and airports for any special accommodations you may need
  • Should any issue arise during the journey, flight nurses have the special training required to provide medical care while in flight.

Why Choose Flying Angels?

Top-Flight Nurses

Flying Angels offers decades of experience and a well-earned reputation of providing the best long distance medical transport services. Our experienced nurses have worked with many different types of clients and know how to handle any situation that may arise.

Travel Arrangements

Flying Angels works with commercial airlines and airports on your behalf, making all the arrangements for your trip. They also have experience dealing with airline and airport officials in the United States, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Specialty Care

Flying Angels nurses work with clients who have a wide variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries. They include dementia, diabetes, mobility challenges, stroke and heart attack patients, and those with broken bones, as well as those who use a wheelchair, ventilator and other equipment.

Door to Door NEMT

Flying Angels provides door-to-door non-emergency medical flight services that take the stress out of travel for those with medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that make it difficult to travel alone. The nurses and staff at Flying Angels have the experience, skills and knowledge to safely get you to your destination.

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