Flying Angels Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

How Can Flying Angels Help?

Flying Angels offers non-emergency medical transport both at home and abroad. We focus on providing a full bedside to bedside experience, going beyond just medical transportation to take care of all the details and make patients and loved ones feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible.

Our RN Flight Coordinators stay in constant communication with medical facilities, friends and family to keep everyone informed and up to date with all travel and health related details. Patients receive medical and specialized care throughout the entire NEMT travel process, from meet and greet to personally delivering your loved ones to their final destination.

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) may be a necessity to safely move yourself or a loved one with medical needs. Often patients need to be transported far distances that require one or more flights. In some cases, emergency transport will be used, but Flying Angels provides this critical NEMT service for those who are not in immediately life-threatening situations and require non-emergency air transport services.

What is NEMT?

Non-Emergency Medical Transport is the transportation of a person or persons who need medical care or disabled travel assistance but are not in immediate danger. Sometimes NEMT is needed for long journeys that require air travel. That’s where Flying Angels comes in. We provide non-emergency medical transport services for:

  • Travel to see medical experts or specialists
  • Moving elderly parents to another state or country
  • Returning home after a sudden illness or injury while traveling
  • Travel for those with chronic or debilitating medical conditions
  • Elderly family members traveling on vacation for visits
  • Many more unique non-emergency travel needs

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