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Medical Flight Services From Flying Angels

Non-emergency medical flight services differ from emergency flight services. Emergency transport involves getting someone to medical care as quickly as possible, usually from the scene of an accident or natural disaster. Non-emergency medical flight services provide professional medical care for those who have difficulty taking a commercial flight on their own because of age, disability, chronic condition or debilitating injury.

Flying Angels offers a full range of medical flight services, from making travel arrangements on your behalf to having an experienced flight nurse accompany you on your flight.

The Advantages of Medical Flight Services

Non-emergency medical flight services offer people a cost-efficient way to travel that does not require them to rely on emergency services. Many people benefit from these services. Flying Angels clients include seniors relocating to new homes, those seeking medical repatriations from another country, and those with mental or physical disabilities. Medical flights services help anyone who finds navigating commercial air travel difficult to achieve on their own.

Medical Flight Services Provided by Flying Angels

With decades of experience, Flying Angels understands what it takes to provide the best non-emergency medical services that provide clients the peace of mind of knowing they will arrive at their destination safely. These services include:

  • Flight coordinators who book all your travel arrangements with commercial airlines.
  • Flight nurses who travel with you to the airport, through check-in and security, and on the flight. Each is an experienced critical care registered nurse with training in providing medical care at high altitudes.
  • Managing all the medications and medical equipment you need to bring on your trip.
  • Working with airlines and airports to make accommodations for any special needs.

The goal of all Flying Angels services is to ensure our clients arrive at their destination safely and in good health. Our flying nurses provide all the care people need on their journey, whether it’s across the country or to another part of the world.

Why Choose Flying Angels?

Flying Angels has a well-earned reputation of providing the best service available in non-emergency medical transport. Our clients know they will partner with an experienced company that has coordinated thousands of successful trips.

Experienced Nurses

The nurses who work for Flying Angels have gone through rigorous training and have years of experience in providing clinical care. Flying Angels sets a high standard when considering people for flying nurse positions.

Travel Arrangements

Flying Angels works with commercial airlines and airports on your behalf, making all the arrangements for your trip. They also have experience dealing with airline and airport officials both in the United States and in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Specialty Care

At Flying Angels, nurses have experience and training in handling clients with a large variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries. They include dementia, diabetes, mobility challenges, wheelchair users, patients on ventilators and other equipment, stroke and heart attack patients, and those with broken bones.

Door to Door NEMT

Flying Angels provides door-to-door non-emergency medical flight services that make travel much less difficult for those who cannot do it alone. Whatever your condition, illness or injury, the nurses and staff at Flying Angels have the experience, skills and knowledge to safely get you to your destination.

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