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Affordable Non-Emergency Medical Transport

While non-emergency medical transport is often essential, private flight transportation is financially out of reach for many people. Insurance typically covers only a small fraction of the cost and people have been shocked by the high number on the bill they receive for air medical transport services.

With Flying Angels, you’ll be able to fly yourself or a loved one on a commercial flight with an experienced flight RN while avoiding the exorbitant costs of private medical flights. We make this often-essential service financially possible while offering a compassionate, easy experience where we take care of all the details. The exact cost varies with the cost of commercial flights, but it’s always a fraction of the cost of private medical transport.

Why Choose Flying Angels Medical Transport?

Flying Angels provides bedside to bedside non-emergency medical transport services nationally and internationally. By offering flight nurse assisted transport on commercial airlines, we have been able to make air medical transportation services affordable and accessible. And our professional, compassionate medical transport RNs make sure you or your loved one has a stress free, safe flight.

Air Ambulance Alternative: How Does it Work?

Our air ambulance alternative provides non-emergency transport services on commercial airlines with patients accompanied by an experienced RN flight nurse. When you fly with Flying Angels, you can expect:

  • Bedside to bedside assistance from one destination to the next
  • An experienced flight nurse to take care of all medical and travel needs
  • Tickets booked and flights monitored by our RN Flight Coordinator
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • In-flight medical & wellbeing care
  • First-class or business class seats for comfort and ease of access in case of emergency
  • Fully customizable travel plans

Flying angels will accommodate both domestic and international flight requests. We travel on many major carriers including Delta, United, American, Lufthansa, British Air, Singapore Air and many more.

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Air Ambulance Alternative:
Cost Review

While on vacation in Italy, my dad was hospitalized for three months and his doctors said the only way he could be discharged back to Texas was with a medically-assisted flight. His insurance company said they would not cover the flight but offered a company (Flying Angels) to contact…  And in case you’re curious, the majority of the expense was actually for the flights themselves, not for Flying Angels.

—Elise H.
Austin, Texas


Air Ambulance Alternative:
International Flight
and Overall Experience

I recently employed Flying Angels to manage my 95-year old father’s flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv. I am very glad I did so. The problems were anticipated and handled in a very professional manner. My father can be very stubborn but Doug, the critical care nurse who flew with us, handled him beautifully. Also, the fees and expenses involved were fully itemized and reasonable. I am very glad I employed Flying Angels.

—Jack C.
(Facebook Review)


Air Ambulance Alternative:
Flight Experience Review

He (the flight nurse) knew his way through airport security, pushed my chair, managed luggage and took care of my leg bag. He provided good company, advice, and assistance in the plane.

—Lelia S.
(Facebook Review)

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