Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services play a crucial, yet often overlooked, role in healthcare. These agencies are essential in providing patients the care they need when it’s not a matter of life and death, but still a matter of health and well-being. They act as a type of healthcare travel agency, providing services to those who need support when traveling.

The list of people who use NEMT services includes seniors, those injured while traveling, the chronically ill, and those discharged from a hospital who need transportation to their home or another medical facility (such as a center of healthcare excellence).

NEMT services are vital for people who face challenges in traveling because of a condition or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About NEMT

NEMT services are designed to ensure that those who need to travel can do so despite limitations caused by injuries or illness. They can act as a healthcare travel agency, making travel possible for those who otherwise might not be able to travel.

When it comes to long-distance medical transport, potential clients frequently inquire about the specifics of the service provided. The information below is based on the operations at Flying Angels, a leader in the NEMT industry.

What is NEMT?

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) includes a seasoned flight nurse who travels with elderly patients or those with health conditions on commercial flights, assisting those who are unable to travel independently. Unlike the more expensive air ambulance, NEMT utilizes commercial airlines to transport patients globally.

Who uses NEMT services?

NEMT services are ideal for individuals who require assistance during travel, including elderly individuals, travelers with disabilities, patients recovering from surgery, and those suffering from significant injuries. A flight nurse is responsible for managing all of the patient’s needs, from oxygen to ventilators, throughout the airport and during flight.

What kind of planes are used?

Flying Angels primarily arranges travel for its clients on standard commercial aircraft, though they do utilize chartered/private aircraft when necessary. This method is significantly more cost-effective for long-distance medical transport compared to the use of air ambulances.

How quickly can you depart?

Although NEMT is not an emergency service, it is generally possible to secure flight bookings for patients within 24 to 48 hours. Contacting the service promptly allows for better planning and access to optimal flight schedules.

NEMT and long-distance medical transport services offer patients a way to travel comfortably with the assurance that their medical needs are professionally managed at a cost that is far more affordable than alternative methods.

The Advantages of Using NEMT Services

Hiring a NEMT company offers several benefits for individuals who require assistance while traveling on commercial flights. They include the following.

Professional medical assistance. One of the primary benefits of a NEMT service is the presence of a flight nurse who travels with the patient throughout their entire journey. These nurses are experienced in handling various medical situations and have been trained in providing medical care at high altitudes. They manage medications, respond to medical needs, and ensure the patient remains stable and comfortable.

Coordination and logistics. NEMT companies handle all logistics involved in arranging travel, which can be particularly complex when medical conditions require special accommodations. This includes booking flights, arranging for appropriate seats on the plane, and coordinating with airports and airlines to meet the specific needs of the patient, such as wheelchair access or boarding assistance.

Transport of medical equipment. Traveling with medical equipment can be challenging due to airline regulations and the need for careful handling. NEMT companies are experienced in managing these complexities, ensuring that all necessary medical equipment, like oxygen tanks or ventilators, are transported safely and in accordance with aviation regulations.

Safety and comfort. For patients traveling with medical conditions or post-surgery, travel can be stressful and potentially hazardous. NEMT services provide a safe and controlled environment, significantly reducing the stress associated with travel. The comfort and well-being of the patient are prioritized, with adjustments made as needed to accommodate health requirements.

Streamlined travel experience. By managing all aspects of the travel process, from medical care to logistics, NEMT companies offer a streamlined and efficient travel experience. This is especially beneficial for patients and their families, as it minimizes the typical hassles and uncertainties associated with traveling with health issues.

Peace of mind. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits for both the patient and their family is the peace of mind that comes from knowing a professional is overseeing and managing all aspects of the journey. This reassurance allows patients and families to focus more on recovery and less on the complexities of travel.

Overall, NEMT services, such as those provided by Flying Angels, enhance accessibility and provide essential support, ensuring that travel is not only possible but safe and comfortable for those with medical needs.

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