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Who Benefits from our Air Ambulance Alternative?

Whether you need to move a loved one across the country to a new care facility or assistance traveling to a fun destination, Flying Angels can help. We provide bedside-to-bedside Non-Emergency Medical Transport for clients with many different challenges.

Flying Angels flight nurses (RN med flight nurses)  have the experience and training needed to travel with clients who have dementia, diabetes, mobility challenges, broken bones or who have suffered from a heart attack or stroke. We also travel with wheelchair users and patients on ventilators and other medical equipment.

Senior Relocation

Our flight nurses travel with seniors and make all the flight arrangements when they relocate to a new home, reducing the stress of a major life change.

Medical Flights

Flying Angels offers an alternative to costly air ambulances, making travel arrangements with domestic and international commercial airlines to transport patients who cannot travel alone. Our flight nurses (RN) provide care during these medical flights, ensuring patients arrive safely at their destination.

Long Distance Medical Transport

Distance is not an issue with Flying Angels. We make flight arrangements and travel with clients across the United States or to Europe, Asia or wherever their journey takes them.

Hospital Discharge Transportation

Flying Angels travels with you when discharged from the hospital, ensuring you get quality medical care during this important transition to home or to another care facility.

Travel Companion

For those who want to take a vacation but cannot fly alone because of injury, illness or chronic condition, Flying Angels can reduce the worry and stress by booking all your flights and making the journey with you to your destination.

Door-to-Door Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Flying Angels flight nurses can accompany you or your loved one anywhere in the world. Our air ambulance alternative uses commercial airlines, RN flight coordinators, and critical care registered nurses. We accomplish what other air medical services offer for less money and more peace of mind.

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