international patient transport

Injury or illness in a foreign country can further impact one’s health emotionally. When far from home, and working with unfamiliar clinicians, patients will likely find themselves increasingly stressed and anxious, in addition to suffering physically. That’s why international patient transport is an important option to know about.

When people find themselves injured or ill abroad, the services offered by a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company, like Flying Angels, offers a great deal of comfort and peace of mind. A compassionate solution to an oftentimes difficult challenge.

Flying Angels provides an experienced critical care flight nurse who travels with the patient, and nurse flight coordinators who will make all the arrangements for the flights home. Medical flight costs are reduced by offering a less expensive alternative to air ambulances.

The Advantages of NEMT for International Patients

The practical reasons for using a NEMT company for international medical flights are many. Chief among them is continuity of care. Those injured abroad may very well prefer receiving medical treatment in their home country where they have established relationships with healthcare providers and a familiarity with the healthcare system and its procedures.

However, the benefits expand beyond the practical. Seeking medical repatriation services from a quality NEMT company offers patients, and their families, the chance to get home in a safe and timely manner. Some of the advantages of NEMT international patient transport include the following.

Support of Loved Ones

Being close to family and friends provides emotional support and reassurance. Having loved ones involved can improve patient outcomes remarkably. 

“Involving patients and families in healthcare decisions about patient care and in hospital and health system policy and programs results in better health outcomes, higher quality of care, lower health system costs, and improved patient safety,” according to a study published on the U.S. government’s Patient Safety Network.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Experiencing an injury, illness or trauma is challenging enough, but when it occurs abroad it can increase a person’s level of stress and anxiety. Traveling back to one’s home country for medical treatment can alleviate the challenge of navigating healthcare systems and cultural differences in a foreign country.

Part of the reduction in stress and anxiety also stems from cultural comfort. When a patient is in a familiar culture, it reduces feelings of isolation and helplessness. It also allows patients to better communicate their needs and preferences to healthcare providers.

A Higher Sense of Control, Privacy

The decision to take the initiative and return home for medical treatment allows a patient to empower themselves. They gain a sense of control over their situation and their treatment plan. Another result of this decision is that patient’s may prefer to receive medical care where they have a greater sense of privacy and confidentiality, away from the scrutiny of strangers and/or a language they may not fully comprehend.

Improving Psychological Well-Being

Research shows that a familiar environment has a positive impact on a person’s psychological well-being, particularly during times of stress. Studies have found that exposure to familiar environments can reduce stress levels and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being. 

Each of these advantages make international patient transport a compassionate solution for those who suffer an injury or become ill while in a foreign country. By choosing a quality NEMT company, like Flying Angels, with quality experience in international medical flights, patients will find peace of mind in knowing they are in the hands of professionals who will help them navigate the entire process and get them home safely.

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