patient centered care

The trend toward patient centered care comes from the idea that patients should have a voice in their care, collaborating with healthcare providers to create treatment plans that consider their preferences. Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT), which provides safe and supportive care for patients while they travel, is often a part of the patient centered care movement.

When they practice patient centered care, healthcare providers demonstrate empathy and compassion toward patients, understanding the impact of illness or injury on patients’ lives. Even those with severe illness or injuries may eventually require long distance transport, which is where NEMT services can make a difference.

For patients who use commercial airlines, NEMT companies like Flying Angels will make the travel arrangements. Flight nurses will accompany the patient on their journey. It’s a safe, cost effective way for patients to travel, while simultaneously providing peace of mind in knowing they are in the hands of experienced healthcare professionals.

What Is Patient Centered Care?

Patient centered care is a healthcare approach that places the needs, and care, of each patient at the forefront. This type of care involves the inclusivity of patients in making their healthcare decisions, considering their unique circumstances, beliefs, and goals. It calls for healthcare providers to work with patients in designing treatment plans.

This approach respects patient preferences, considering their values and cultural beliefs. To bring patients into the decision-making process about their treatment, healthcare providers encourage open communication and empower patients to have a voice in how their treatment is managed.

Patient centered care is part of a holistic approach to medicine that considers the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of health. It recognizes that every patient is unique, with diverse needs and backgrounds.

How NEMT Supports Patient Centered Care

Patient centered care emphasizes healthcare services tailored to meet the specific needs of a patient. Occasionally, these needs may extend beyond the scope of local healthcare facilities, particularly for patients requiring long-distance transfers. In such circumstances, NEMT plays a pivotal role in ensuring continuity of care while upholding the principles of patient centered care.

For patients needing long-distance transfer, accessing healthcare can present challenges. Limited mobility and the stress and discomfort associated with extended travel, can worsen existing health conditions, which in turn can compromise the overall patient experience and treatment outcomes. NEMT services assist in navigating the complexities of long-distance transfers while promoting patient centered care.

Accessibility and Convenience

Providing bedside to bedside service, NEMT enhances accessibility for patients residing in remote areas or lacking reliable transportation options. This ensures that individuals can receive specialized healthcare services without the burden of arranging their own transportation, thereby promoting equity in healthcare access.

Comfort and Safety

Long-distance transfers can be physically and emotionally demanding on patients, particularly those with mobility issues or other medical vulnerabilities. On the ground, specialized NEMT vehicles equipped to accommodate various medical needs, coupled with well-trained drivers, help ensure a safe and comfortable journey for patients and other passengers. In the air, flight nurses bring the necessary medical equipment to care for their patients during flight. Both means of transporting patients offer peace of mind, mitigating concerns about safety and access to care during transit.

Personalized Care and Support

NEMT providers prioritize personalized care, recognizing the unique needs of each patient. Providers offer compassionate assistance every step of the way. This personalized approach fosters trust and rapport between patients and caregivers, contributing to a positive experience.

Continuity of Care

Maintaining continuity of care is essential, particularly for patients undergoing long-distance transfers for ongoing treatments or consultations. NEMT services ensure seamless coordination between healthcare facilities, facilitating timely departures and arrivals for appointments. This continuity of care minimizes disruptions in treatment schedules, optimizing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

In the pursuit of patient centered care, addressing the needs of individuals requiring long-distance transfers is paramount. NEMT services serve as a vital component of this approach, offering accessibility, comfort, peace of mind, and personalized support that focuses on the well-being and convenience of patients.

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