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Travel Companion Services from Flying Angels

Medical travel companions fly with travelers who have difficulty making a trip on their own due to illness, injury or medical condition. They provide a much-needed sense of security, traveling from door-to-door with their clients. They also book all the arrangements needed to fly on commercial airlines, eliminating the stress of booking flights.

The flight nurses who work with Flying Angels are medical travel companions for our clients. They make a trip that might seem overwhelming much easier by overseeing all travel arrangements and providing medical care during the journey to both domestic and international destinations.

What Is a Medical Travel Companion?

Medical travel companions fly with their clients on commercial airline flights, providing assistance throughout their journey from the moment they leave their house to when they reach their destination. They make the trip easier for those with injuries and disabilities, as well as for older travelers who want support when flying.

What Does This Cost?

Medical travel companions cost between $7000–10,000 domestically (one way) depending where in the world you are traveling. It depends on your situation, but a Flying Angels Flight Nurse may be a great option for you.

The Benefits of Medical Travel Companions

Less Stress

For those who have difficulty traveling alone, a flight nurse makes the journey much more pleasant and relaxed by taking care of all the travel details. 


Professional Nurses

For those with disabilities and injuries, a flight nurse travel companion makes all the difference, providing constant care. They also work with airlines and airports for any special assistance clients might need.

Health and Safety

Flight nurses oversee medications during the journey, ensuring patients do not miss taking a dose. They also have expertise in trauma care and have earned the certifications required to provide medical services at high altitudes.

Medical Equipment

Flight nurses oversee all medical equipment a patient needs, including wheelchairs. They also make sure equipment is stored safely during the flight.

Why Choose Flying Angels?


Flight Nurses

Our experienced nurses have worked with many different types of clients and know how to handle any situation that may arise. They combine a commitment to compassionate care with the expertise and education needed to provide in-flight medical care.

Travel Arrangements

Flying Angels works with commercial airlines and airports on your behalf, making all the arrangements for your trip. They have experience dealing with airline and airport officials in the United States, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Specialty Care

Flying Angels nurses work with clients who have a wide variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries. They include dementia, diabetes, mobility challenges, wheelchair users, patients on ventilators and other equipment, stroke and heart attack patients, and those with broken bones.

Door to Door NEMT

Flying Angels provides door-to-door non-emergency medical flight services that take the stress out of travel for those with medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that make it difficult to travel alone. The nurses at Flying Angels provide medical travel companion services that will give you peace of mind knowing you will reach your destination safely.

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