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Air Ambulance Alternative For Aging Parents

Whether you have limited mobility, are ill or injured, air travel may be the only option for you or loved ones to reach their destination. With an air ambulance alternative, you gain the freedom to travel domestically or internationally. Here’s how.

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11 Travel Hacks To Increase In-Flight Comfort

Are you stressing out about an upcoming flight that you or a loved one are taking? While we can’t choose the passengers we’ll encounter we can choose which of these 11 travel hacks will make our experience a bit more enjoyable.

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Flight Nurse Duties On A Commercial Airline

While many people have heard the term Flight Nurse few know how important they are and what their responsibilities consist of. Here’s how Flight Nurses are saving lives and making commercial airline travel possible.

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TSA Travel Tips for Disabled or Ill Travelers

Travelling when you’re ill or disabled can be stressful and something you’re dreading. With these helpful TSA travel tips, travelers and their families can pre-plan how they’ll go through security to simplify the process.

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How To Become A Flight Nurse

Love being in the healthcare industry, but not so keen with your surroundings? Offices can get boring. Consider becoming a flight nurse and travel with your patients. Here’s how to get started.

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