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What is Flying Angels?

Flying Angels is a medical travel service that provides critical care registered nurses to escort patients on commercial aircraft around the country and around the world.

What do we do?

We transport anyone from seniors who need some assistance all the way to patients on ventilators traveling around the world.

Are we a charity?

While we are not a charity, we understand the costly nature of medical transportation. Our mission is to provide a cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance. We appreciate the cost involved do all we can to make the prices as manageable as possible.

How much does it cost?

As we are using commercial aircraft, costs vary depending on distances, airports, lead time, and other factors. Please see our section on costs.

What airlines do we use?

We use all domestic and international major carriers such as United, Delta, American, Lufthansa, British Air, Singapore Air, and others.

When is the payment made?

We collect a $250 deposit when services are engaged. The balance is due with the purchase of the tickets. Estimated ticket prices cannot be guaranteed.

Can Family accompany the patient and the Flight Nurse?

Yes. We are happy to have family members accompany our nurses and patients on transports. We are pleased to purchase tickets for any family members on the flights.

What kind of patients can fly with Flying Angels?

Generally, to fly on a commercial aircraft a person must be able to sit up for take-off and landing. A Flight Coordinator will be able to determine if the patient is suitable for our service.

What are the Nurse qualifications?

All of our Nurses are Critical Care trained nurses with a minimum of five years of experience. Also, our RNs undergo flight physiology training.

Does insurance pay for transport?

In most cases, Medical Insurance does not. Travel insurance may cover transport if you have it.

Who purchases the tickets?

Flying Angels have a full-service travel agent.  We purchase tickets for the patient and the flight nurse to make sure we have control of the tickets for medical clearance and in the event of flight delays, changes, and cancelations.

How much lead time is needed?

In many cases, we can transport patients in 24-48 hrs, in some cases less.  Often this has an impact on the cost of tickets as tickets are more expensive when purchased last minute. What are the typical costs?

Do you use only commercial aircraft?

We have transported patients on trains, private jets, ambulance, sedans, RVs, even fishing boats. We use whatever will work for each case.

Will the Flight Nurse speak the same language as the patient?

While many of our Flight Nurses are bilingual, we can’t always match nurses up to language requirements. We utilize technology and flight crew who speak the languages of destinations on international flights.

Do we transport children and minors?

We transport minors above the age of three years old.

Can you transport someone who is DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)?

Yes. Although most Air carriers will not acknowledge DNR orders in flight and during transport the patient will receive all possible medical care.

Do the patient and flight nurse need to pass through security?

Domestically all persons boarding an aircraft need to be cleared by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In most airports, there are separate screening areas for patients in wheelchairs and stretchers.  Internationally we follow the rules of the host country; often there are expedited screening areas for patients with medical needs.

Will the patient and the RN board with other passengers?

In almost all cases the Flight Nurse and patient will board the aircraft before other passengers to give them time to get situated. On arrival, the Flight Nurse and patient will deplane after other passengers have disembarked.

What is the refund policy if the transport gets canceled?

Flying Angels policy is to refund as much as possible if a situation warrants a cancelation.  Usually, we refund almost all service fees If transport is before a nurse departs. We explain airline ticket refundability on the itemization of costs.

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