Continuity of Care

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) plays a crucial role in ensuring continuity of care for patients transitioning from hospitals to other medical facilities, including Centers of Excellence or home. This essential service bridges the gap between different phases of medical treatment, providing a seamless experience that enhances patient outcomes and supports healthcare systems.

Continuity of care is a cornerstone of effective healthcare delivery, ensuring patients receive consistent, coordinated, and comprehensive care across different stages of their treatment.

High-quality NEMT services are integral to this process when patients are discharged from hospitals and require transportation. Some, like Flying Angels, specialize in providing care for patients who need to travel on a commercial flight to reach their destination.

Ensuring Safe and Comfortable Transport

For patients requiring specialized care, a smooth transition is critical. NEMT services facilitate this transition by offering reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation tailored to the medical needs of each patient.

The importance of NEMT lies in its ability to cater to specific patient’s needs. Quality NEMT companies handle patients with a variety of medical conditions, ensuring they receive the necessary support during transit. For example, Flying Angels ensure patients travel with an experienced critical care flight nurse if they are taking ground transportation, flying by air, or both.

These services extend to a wide variety of patients, including the chronically ill and those recovering from accidents or injuries.

 Patients recovering from surgery or those with chronic conditions often need to be transported in a way that minimizes discomfort and reduces the risk of complications. NEMT providers manage these scenarios by offering services such as wheelchair-accessible vehicles, specialized comfort carrier lift slings for transferring patients into and out of wheelchairs, and constant assistance from medical professionals.

This level of care is vital for maintaining the patient’s health and well-being, preventing potential setbacks that could arise from inadequate transportation.

NEMT and Long-Distance Travel

In certain situations, patients may need to travel long distances to access specialized medical care or return home after sustaining an injury while traveling. They may be seniors relocating to a new home, or closer to relatives. NEMT services that specializes in caring for patients on commercial flights can effectively manage these situations.

For example, Flying Angels recently facilitated the transport of a patient from Cuba to the United States and another from the Himalayas, who was experiencing oxygen issues.

“Our service is literally a bedside-to-bedside service,” said Bob Bacheler, Managing Director of Flying Angels, in a podcast interview on “Generation Bold.” “All of our nurses are critical care trained – U.S. trained – registered nurses. The majority have 10 to 15 years of ICU and critical care experience.”

Bob added that our nurses may take care of patients for hours, on flights (across the Pacific Ocean or over the North Pole) where there is no chance for stopping. The standards we’ve set for our nurses are high. “We need to make sure they can handle any eventuality. Or, in fact, avoid any problems. I often say that our nurses are not there to react to emergencies. Our nurses are there to prevent emergencies.”

When patients need to travel by air, NEMT providers work closely with airlines to ensure a smooth and safe journey. This involves arranging for medical escorts, securing necessary medical equipment on board, and preparing for any contingencies that may arise during the flight. Flight nurses accompany the patient throughout the journey, monitoring their condition and providing necessary care.

The Impact of NEMT on Patient Outcomes

The impact of NEMT on continuity of care cannot be overstated. NEMT services help reduce the risk of missed appointments, delays in receiving treatment, and complications during transit. This continuity is essential for patients with chronic illnesses, those recovering from major surgeries, or individuals undergoing complex treatments that require follow-up care.

For healthcare providers, NEMT services streamline the process of transitioning patients between different care settings. This reduces the administrative burden on hospital staff, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality care. Moreover, it enhances communication and coordination between different healthcare facilities, ensuring that patient information is securely and accurately transferred, and that care plans are seamlessly continued.

Flying Angels offers ground transportation services equipped with the latest technology to ensure patient comfort and security. They employ a staff of professional, experienced critical care flight nurses trained to provide medical care at high altitudes. They handle  all flight arrangements, managing the patient’s specialized needs in coordination with the airlines or airports. This service ensures continuity of care, and offers peace of mind, as patients travel with medical professionals who prioritize their well-being.

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