Hospital Discharge Transportation

Hospital Discharge Transportation From Flying Angels

A trip to the hospital can easily become a stressful, anxious experience. While patients and family members focus on medical treatment and the patient’s health, they may not have given much thought to hospital discharge planning. That’s where a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company such as Flying Angels can help hospital patients and their families.

As part of its NEMT services, Flying Angels provides transportation to people when they are discharged from the hospital

Using Medical Transport Services When Discharged

Hospital discharge transportation can become part of a discharge plan patients create when they are in the hospital, working with hospital personnel and family. Hospitals typically have a team that work on discharging patients. Patients should take the same approach, working with others to develop a plan for the safest and best way to leave the hospital.

Flying Angels provides an experienced nurse to travel with a patient upon discharge. They ensure that the patient has all the necessary medication and equipment (such a wheelchair) needed to safely travel. Flying Angels coordinates hospital discharge transportation for transferring patients from their homes or to another care facility.

The Advantages of Hospital Discharge Transportation

Less Stressful

A trip to the hospital can quickly become overwhelming. Working with Flying Angels for hospital discharge transportation eliminates one area of concern. 


Experienced Nurses

Flying Angels nurses have experience in trauma care. They have the education and experience needed to manage medical situations if they arise during transport.


Specialty Care

Flying Angels nurses have experience dealing with patients who have dementia, diabetes, mobility challenges, wheelchairs, ventilators and other equipment, as well as stroke and heart attack patients and those with broken bones.

Peace of Mind

By working with medical professionals during transportation after discharge, patients and their families have the peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional is with them every step of the way from the hospital to their destination.

Travel Arrangements

If the trip home from the hospital requires a flight, Flying Angels will make all the travel arrangements and work with airlines and airports for any special arrangements that patients need.

Why Choose Flying Angels?


Flying Angels offers years of experience as an NEMT company. In addition to hospital discharge transportation, Flying Angels also offers other non-emergency transport services, including flight nurses who travel with people on commercial flights.

Working With Hospitals

Flying Angels ensures patients ask all the necessary questions of hospital clinicians and understand what they need to do once they get back home. This includes:

  • Understanding their medical status
  • When they need to see the doctor again
  • Medications they need to take
  • How active they can be after discharge
  • Understanding how to operate any equipment hospital doctors have given them.

Less Stress

If you need to fly home or to another medical facility, Flying Angels removes the stress of dealing with travel arrangements. RN Nurse Coordinators book all the tickets needed for travel. They also work with airlines and airports in advance, while flight nurses travel with patients through the airport and during the flight.

Flying Angels offers hospital discharge transportation as part of its services to help people who cannot travel alone but do not require emergency services. It will make both the patient and their family far less anxious about getting home from the hospital.

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