Transitioning from hospital to home care can be especially challenging, particularly for critically ill patients requiring a higher level of care. Ensuring a smooth transition is essential for these patients’ recovery. One valuable resource, throughout the transportation process, is non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) services.

NEMT companies that specializing in critical care travel offer patients and their reassurance, knowing they are in the care of highly skilled medical professionals. This includes critical care transport nurses and coordinators who oversee patients’ care and manage all travel arrangements.

As a NEMT company, Flying Angels specializes in making travel arrangements and providing flight nurses to accompany patients flying on commercial airlines. They also coordinate ground transportation services, ensuring patients who have received critical care can safely return home from the hospital.

Critical Care Transport Issues Addressed by NEMT

NEMT services are increasingly part of hospital discharge plans, ensuring that patients safely transition from hospital to home. This is available to all patients, including those treated in critical care units.

NEMT plays a vital role in bridging the gap between hospital and home care. It ensures patients return home safely to continue their recovery and potentially avoid complications leading to readmission. Some of the issues NEMT services address include:

Accessibility. Patients may lack reliable transportation, post-hospitalization, especially if they are recovering from surgery, or have mobility limitations. NEMT offers a safe and comfortable way for them to get home, eliminating reliance on potentially unavailable or overburdened family or friends.

Professional care. NEMT companies such as Flying Angels provide experienced flight nurses who accompany patients during both air and ground transportation. Additionally, Flying Angels provides necessary medical equipment like customized reclining wheelchairs.

Continuity of Care. The timely transition from hospital to home care is key. NEMT ensures patients arrive home in a timely manner to begin their at-home recovery plans involving medication, therapy, and/or wound care. Delays can disrupt this plan and lead to complications, highlighting the importance of NEMT in ensuring patients arrive home promptly.

Improved Recovery. Returning to familiar surroundings can significantly aid in the recovery process. NEMT facilitates earlier returns home, allowing patients to rest and heal in a familiar and comfortable environment.

NEMT Companies Equipped to Handle Critical Care Transport

NEMT services specialize in providing transportation solutions for individuals with medical needs outside emergency situations. For critically ill patients transitioning from the hospital to home care, NEMT services offer a lifeline, bridging the gap between the two. 

NEMT providers can offer specialized vehicles equipped to accommodate diverse medical needs. The reclining wheelchair used by Flying Angels, for example, allows nurses to transfer patients from bedside to chair and into a wheelchair van. If the trip home requires a flight, patients remain in the wheelchair until they arrive at the aircraft, where they are then transferred into a first-class seat, using custom transfer slings.

NEMT critical care transport nurses are trained in basic life support, medical equipment operation, and patient transfer protocols to ensure patient safety and comfort during transit. Continuous monitoring helps maintain the patients’ stability and minimizes complications, ensuring a smooth transition from hospital to home.

NEMT Coordination with Medical Providers

By working closely with hospitals, healthcare providers, and home care agencies to coordinate transportation schedules, NEMT companies ensure timely pickups and drop-offs. This streamlines the transition process, reducing delays and ensuring continuity of care for patients.

As an experienced NEMT company, Flying Angels prioritizes patient comfort and dignity, offering personalized transportation solutions tailored to patients’ specific needs. Whether assisting with mobility or accommodating medical equipment, NEMT providers strive to make the transportation experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Navigating the transition from hospital to home represents a critical phase in the journey of critically ill patients. NEMT services are indispensable in this transition, providing specialized transportation solutions that support continuity of care, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall healthcare experience for patients and their families.

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