An RN flight coordinator oversees all the planning and booking involved in assisted flight travel. They handle travel arrangements, special accommodations and all other issues involved with preparing to fly with a flight nurse.

RN flight coordinators are licensed nurses with advanced critical care knowledge and years of experience working in the assisted flight travel field. They are familiar with all the details of flying on commercial airlines with medical assistance, from how to get medical equipment through security to the best practices for having a safe and comfortable flight.

For most people who use Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT), an RN flight coordinator is the first person they have contact with when inquiring about assisted flight travel.

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What Does a Flight Coordinator Do?

NEMT involves providing medical care during travel and assistance with all trip arrangements. Flight nurses travel with clients on commercial flights, helping them through the airport and providing medical assistance as needed during the flight. 

Flight coordinators manage all the arrangements for the trip and monitor it to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Like flight nurses, they have emergency and critical care experience. They also have special training in flight physiology.

What is Aviation Physiology?

When you contact an NEMT company, an RN flight coordinator will talk you through what they do to make your planned trip both convenient and safe. They oversee all the arrangements involved with assisted flight travel. This includes:

  • Arranging all reservations
  • Handling all travel-related paperwork
  • Arranging for special accommodations if needed
  • Anticipating any challenges for the trip and managing them efficiently
  • Quickly addressing any travel delays, flight changes and cancellations

RN flight coordinators work directly with flight nurses who travel with clients on commercial flights. They quickly provide any support that the flight nurse might need and handle any issues that might come during the trip, such as flight delays or cancellations.

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Flight Coordinators and Nurses Working Together

Once the travel day arrives, flight nurses will have reviewed the travel plans with the RN flight coordinator. They also will review procedures for every airport involved with the trip and contact airport officials as needed to make special arrangements.

Working with flight coordinators, flight nurses ensure they meet all pre-planned points on the trip, such as checking in, navigating security and reaching the gate on schedule. Flight coordinators also line up any ground transportation clients need.

Flight nurses pack a medical kit, bringing all the medical equipment they may need as well as reviewing with the client what medications they need during the trip.

Flying with Oxygen & Medications

Who Needs an RN Flight Coordinator?

A wide variety of people use NEMT medical services, working with RN flight coordinators and flight nurses to make sure they arrive safely at their destination. They include people with medical conditions who are traveling to meet family or go on vacation. 

In other cases, older travelers might be relocating for retirement or to move closer to family. Flight coordinators and nurses also work with people of all ages who have chronic medical conditions that require special accommodations during a flight, or those who have a debilitating injury. An RN flight coordinator works to make a client’s trip go as smoothly as possible. Along with a flight nurse, they take the stress and worry out of travel for those who need assistance for their upcoming trip.

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