People use a long distance ambulance to transport themselves or a loved one in non-emergency situations. This medical transportation option ensures patients travel safely by either ground-based transport or commercial air travel.

The main goal in using a long distance ambulance and non-emergency medical transport is to ensure the patient has medical attention during their journey and arrives safely at their destination.

Often, those being transferred are seniors traveling to or from an assisted living facility, cancer treatment center, nursing home or home healthcare facility. They may also have been discharged in stable condition from a top US hospital and simply need to return home.

Top 10 Hospitals in the U.S.

The Value of Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Using non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is a popular medical transportation option. While it can involve the use of a long distance ambulance, it often involves commercial airline travel, accompanied by an experienced flight nurse.

A trip is generally considered to be long distance if it is more than 200 miles. As the nation’s population ages, there are an increasing number of non-ambulatory patients who require non-emergency transportation.

People use medical transportation for a variety of reasons. They include:

  • Senior travelers taking a vacation or making a trip to see family
  • Those injured while on vacation who are coming back home
  • Patients transferring from one medical facility to another
  • Travelers with a disability or chronic condition that impedes movement
  • Seniors who are moving to a new area
  • Frequent medical conditions for NEMT patients include; Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia, stabilized bone fractures, post-operative patients and those who are wheelchair-bound.

Those are just some of the scenarios that have made NEMT and long distance ambulances a more popular medical transport option in recent years.

Situations That Require NEMT

Ground vs. Air Transportation

NEMT companies such as Flying Angels can book a flight for patients, coordinate with the airlines and airports along the route, handle international flights and provide an experienced RN as a flight nurse.

That level of service makes air transportation a great choice for many people. Transportation on a commercial airline also means patients reach their destination faster than if they use ground transportation. Even in a non-emergency situation, this is what most patients prefer.

Using a commercial flight with a nurse is also far less expensive than using an air ambulance, which is the most expensive transportation option.  Whatever method you choose, it’s important to know that patients have options when it comes to medical transportation. With the modern services available, patients can quickly and safely reach their destination while enjoying the most comfortable situation possible.

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