Life eventually throws everyone a curveball. Medical conditions and accidents, by their very nature, often happen when you least expect them. That’s why Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) has become so important over the years. Where once people felt trapped without any way of handling transportation needs, they now have support from businesses such as Flying Angels.

How Can NEMT Help Me?

There are many ways that NEMT can help a person. The following represent some of those ways.

Moving Parents

This has become one of the biggest areas of concern as the population in the United States ages. As parents get older, issues surrounding their care can change. If they have challenges with dementia, it’s often important for family members to move them closer. That requires complex travel arrangements that are often best handled by professionals. A professional NEMT company also can provide a Flight Nurse to travel with the parent, ensuring they are safe during the flight and have any medications they need.

Health Services

A big fear for many is that they will develop a medical condition that requires treatment far from where they live. This could include issues such as treatment at the best cancer facilities. Traveling to and from those destinations is simply not possible for many without a NEMT service provider. They can serve all their needs in both arranging flights and traveling with the patient.

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Children with chronic medical conditions or injuries often need to be transported long distances for treatment or rehabilitation services. Transportation can be arranged literally from the home where the child lives to the medical facility and back again.

Again, a Flight Nurse can handle any medical emergency that may arise. They also work with airline personnel to ensure the child gets a comfortable seat (typically first class or business class) and carry any medication the child might need. They also manage any special needs of the child, such as moving them if they are otherwise immobile.

Flight Nurse Duties On A Commercial Airline

Injuries Away From Home

Sometimes, people have medical incidents while away on a trip. Once they are treated, the issue then becomes getting them safely back home or to a medical facility back in the United States. A service such as Flying Angels has years of experience in doing just this kind of thing. While in all cases providing medical care is the priority, a Flight Nurse also proves invaluable with flight arrangements. Problems often arise with flight schedules, particularly with international travel. A professional used to dealing with these issues is a huge benefit.

What Does Flying Angels Do?

These represent some of the ways that NEMT can support those who face tough situations caused by medical conditions or injuries. If such a situation arises for you, don’t hesitate to look into your options using a service such as Flying Angels.

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