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Concierge nursing services provide patients personalized care without them having to visit a doctor or hospital. These services include consultation on medical issues, home health services after surgery and post-op travel care.

While most associate concierge nursing services with in home care, non-emergency medical transport companies like Flying Angels provide medical travel with a registered nurse which makes travel safer and easier. With bedside to bedside care, clients and their families have peace of mind while they travel with a flight nurse throughout their journey.

Get Help Leaving the Hospital After Discharge

Post Op-Travel Services

For those who have undergone a medical procedure and need to travel, concierge nursing services provide the support they need to make a trip safely. RN Flight Coordinators help make travel arrangements that address a number of individual concerns and limitations.

Some of the duties that are part of a day in the life of a flight nurse include the following.

Day in the Life of a Flight Nurse

  • Packing and managing a medical kit that includes everything they need, including specialty reclining wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, suction and nebulizers
  • Making sure patients meet all pre-planned points along the trip. Nurses also meet with patients the day before departure to go over the plan and make sure everything is in order
  • Flight nurses with Flying Angels are trained in flight physiology, and have extensive experience in air travel and the complexities involved getting through the check-in process, security, and customs and immigration for international flights
  • Flight nurses ensure patients disembark and reach their final destinations safely

What is Aviation Physiology?

Other Concierge Nursing Services

Other concierge nursing services include a wide variety of situations. Most fall within one of the following categories.


Concierge nurses will speak with patients directly about any health issues they are having and determine whether they need further medical care. This can help people avoid the cost and stress of unneeded trips to the doctor or hospital. An example of this type of service is Aging Life Care (ACLA), which offers a client-centered approach to those facing health challenges, including seniors. They provide guidance to families and individuals in making decisions that lead to a higher quality of life and the best care possible for loved ones.

Wellness Support

In some cases, concierge nurses will come to your home and provide consultation and care. They also can educate clients on how to properly use whatever medical equipment they need, all to help patients maintain their independence and stay at home.

Patient Advocacy

Concierge nursing also can include patient advocacy, acting as a “middle person” between the patient and clinicians at hospitals and other facilities. In this role, a concierge nurse focuses on ensuring that medical professionals meet a patient’s needs and answer their questions.

Respite Care

In these situations, nurses act as caregivers, giving patients time to recover and take a break. This service is especially useful for those recovering from surgery. These services also are offered for those who are bed-bound or wheelchair-bound. Nurses can help them with a range of motion exercises, among other issues.

Concierge nursing services make a significant difference for those who need help during post-op travel, as well as with wellness support, advocacy and respite care. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone, and concierge nurses can provide the help you need.

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