Safe Medical Travel with Flying Angels

Flying Angels specializes in non-emergency medical transport. It’s an important service that ensures safe medical travel by offering people the opportunity to fly with an experienced flight nurse when they make a trip with a commercial airline. Flight nurses have extensive medical knowledge and experience, including expertise in providing care at high altitudes.

The service also includes the booking of all travel accommodations by an RN flight coordinator, who also work with airports and airlines to make any pre-trip arrangements that make the flight go smoother. Flight nurses also manage all medications and medical equipment. Flying Angels specializes in reducing the concerns of travel for a wide variety of people from those injured on vacation to seniors relocating to a new home.

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport?

High quality NEMT service plays a crucial role in ensuring safe medical travel for patients who require medical attention but do not need emergency services. They go beyond the classic non-emergency transport that carries people to and from medical appointments. Flying Angels’ NEMT services involve traveling with clients on commercial flights, ensuring safe medical travel by making comfort and safety a priority.

They also provide people with the peace of mind of traveling with trained and experienced flight nurses. They can provide medical assistance during the journey if the need arises, ensuring the patient’s well-being throughout the trip.

For patients with medical conditions, recent injuries, or even recent surgeries, travel can seem stressful and anxiety-inducing. Quality NEMT services alleviate this stress by providing a smooth and reliable experience, allowing patients to focus on the journey rather than worrying about transportation logistics or managing medicine.

Who Uses Safe Medical Travel?

The safe medical travel provided by Flying Angels is available for people in a wide variety of situations. No matter the situation, the focus is on providing reliable medical and travel services that make the journey safer and more enjoyable for clients. Some of the situations where NEMT services can provide significant support include the following.

Those with medical conditions. People who have chronic conditions that impact their mobility or cognition may feel safer traveling with a flight nurse. This can also include those who have recently recovered from a stroke or a heart attack.

Senior relocations. Families may hire NEMT services to provide medical assistance for their aging parents as they relocate, including a flight nurse who makes the relocation journey with them. They can help them navigate the airport, find the best seats on the plane, and more.

Nursing home or assisted living facility transfers. When individuals need to move between nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or home care in a different part of the country, NEMT can provide a suitable means of transportation.

Hospital discharges. After a hospital stay, some patients may require NEMT to return home or move to another healthcare facility for continued care or rehabilitation. This is especially true for those discharged from hospitals in foreign countries who need medical services for the flight home.

Flying Angels supports safe medical travel through NEMT services that keep patients healthy and comfortable during their trip on a commercial airline. They provide a reliable, needed service for people in a variety of situations who require assistance when they travel.

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