relocating aging parents

Moves can prove stressful at any age. But when relocating aging parents, both the parent and their adult children tend to experience higher levels of stress than others, especially if the parents are leaving a home where they have lived for many years.

That stress may increase if a move requires traveling on commercial flights. That not only involves getting the right seats and staying comfortable during the flight, but also making travel arrangements and handling issues such as getting through security with medications and medical equipment.

Having a plan to follow for a senior relocation can help smooth out some of the anxieties seniors feel around a relocation. It’s also helpful to know beforehand all the services that can help a move go much more smoothly.

One of the best ways to help a senior relocation move more smoothly is to use Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) services. 

Services Provided By NEMT Companies

NEMT services involve an experienced flight nurse both traveling with seniors and also arranging all the accommodations for a trip. Services break down into four main areas.

  • Booking the trip. An RN flight coordinator handles booking all the commercial flights and ground transportation needed for the trip.
  • Working with airlines and airports. NEMT nurses have experience working with airports and airlines around the world, making advance arrangements for special needs, including help getting through security or boarding early. 
  • Care during the flight. Nurses travel with seniors throughout their journey, managing all medications and medical equipment. They also provide in-flight care if it becomes necessary.
  • After-flight care. Nurses ensure that seniors arrive safely at their final destination.

Securing NEMT services is as simple as contacting an NEMT company and speaking with an RN flight coordinator. They have the expertise to plan a trip no matter where relocating aging parents are moving. That includes both domestic and international destinations.

Benefits of NEMT Flight Care for Relocating Aging Parents

NEMT services provide significant benefits to seniors and those who are managing their relocation to a new home that requires commercial airline travel.

Perhaps most importantly, NEMT services can provide safe and reliable transportation for seniors who are relocating. They also reduce the stress of a senior relocation by providing a reliable and comfortable means of transportation, allowing seniors to focus on the excitement of their new home.

NEMT services also provide seniors with personalized care that meets their unique needs. RN flight nurses can help seniors with mobility issues and provide assistance with any medical equipment or supplies needed during their journey. They also are up-to-date on any airline regulations on flying with medical equipment and medications, ensuring that seniors arrive at their new home safely and on time. 

When relocating aging parents becomes necessary and involves flying on commercial flights, it’s good to partner with professionals who know the best practices to ensure parents make the trip safely. NEMT services are an important factor in making a long-distance move successful.

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