NEMT Services

Many people associate the idea of medical transport with air ambulances. Air ambulances transport people who have suffered injuries to hospitals for urgent medical care. But another type of medical transport is used much more frequently: non-emergency medical transport (NEMT).

NEMT has increased in popularity as more people learn the benefits of traveling with experienced medical professionals on commercial flights. From air travel assistance for seniors to bringing people back to the United States after suffering an injury or medical event abroad, medical escort services provide medical support and travel coordination for those who have difficulty traveling alone.

Many people might remain unaware that NEMT is a service available to them at far less cost than an air ambulance. Alternative medical transport options offer a cost-effective, comfortable and personalized option compared to air ambulance services.

Differences Between Air Ambulance and NEMT

When it comes to medical transportation, patients have a range of options. These options vary based on factors such as the urgency of the situation and the patient’s medical condition and travel distance. Air ambulances and NEMT both involve flying for medical transportation, but they serve different purposes.

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances are primarily used in emergency situations, often employing helicopters. They typically transport patients to trauma centers or intensive care units. Common scenarios for air ambulance use include accidents or natural disasters, where helicopters quickly transport patients in need of immediate medical attention. For longer distances, planes may be used.

Regardless of the aircraft type, air ambulances are equipped with emergency medical equipment to handle any in-flight emergencies. They also are expensive, with bills for air ambulances running well into the five figures.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

Alternative medical transport, as provided by services like Flying Angels, provides medical transportation under non-emergency circumstances. Depending on the situation, ground transportation or commercial airline flights are used, or sometimes both.

NEMT services make use of both domestic and international airlines to make travel arrangements. With Flying Angels, each patient is assigned a flight coordinator who manages all travel plans, including booking flights and organizing any necessary ground transportation. Additionally, a flight nurse is assigned to accompany the patient throughout the entire journey, ensuring they have any required medical devices or medications and are equipped to handle potential medical emergencies.

Reasons To Use Medical Escort Services Rather Than Air Ambulances

People should know the difference so they can choose the service that most meets their needs. In short, unless it’s an emergency, non-emergency medical transport is the way to go. NEMT services are more cost-effective compared to air ambulance services. NEMT services such as Flying Angels also have the capability to arrange both domestic and international travel.

One of the significant advantages of NEMT services is the presence of a dedicated flight nurse. This nurse is trained to manage medical emergencies and equipped to provide any necessary care during the flight. They also ensure the patient has all required medical devices and medications.

The flight nurse in NEMT services stays with the patient throughout the entire journey, from departure to arrival. This continuous care is reassuring for both the patient and their family, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.

As the need for medical transportation that doesn’t necessitate air ambulance services has increased, so has the popularity of NEMT. It provides patients and their families with a more cost-effective option for medical transportation. Various situations call for the use of NEMT, and services like Flying Angels have simplified the process of arranging medical transportation for those in need.

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