NEMT services

An injury suffered while on vacation. Chronic conditions that inhibit range of motion. Traveling after suffering a stroke or heart attack. These are just some of the situations where travelers can benefit by using non-emergency medical transport by air. 

What can people expect using NEMT transport? They immediately have a partner who can work with them on booking all the arrangements for their journey. They also reap the benefits of having a trained flight nurse travel with them throughout their trip, providing medical assistance when needed. They also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from flying with someone trained to provide emergency medical care, if needed.

Non-emergency medical transport by air has gained in popularity in recent years as people increasingly see the value of working with healthcare professionals for their next long-distance trip, whether the location is domestic or international.

What Is NEMT?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) refers to a service that involves transport of patients who do not require emergency medical attention, but still need assistance. In the case of an NEMT company such as Flying Angels, the service involves traveling with a flight nurse who provides assistance and medical services to clients who are traveling by commercial airline. 

People use NEMT services for a variety of reasons. Families partner with an NEMT company to help them with a senior relocation. Others may suffer injuries while traveling and seek NEMT services so a nurse can fly back home with them. Others suffer from chronic conditions or injuries that keep them from flying safely on their own, including broken bones, head trauma, or dementia. Some want a nurse to fly with them if they recently had surgery.

Whatever the case, the goal of NEMT services is to ensure the safe, reliable transport of patients who have difficulty traveling on their own. 

Services and Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transport by Air

Working with a high-quality NEMT service provides a wealth of benefits in a variety of areas. They include senior relocations, medical reparations, long distance vacations to both domestic and international locations, and as an air ambulance alternative.

Booking Travel in Advance

Quality NEMT companies make all the arrangements for each client’s travels. It’s a service that directly enhances the experience. For example, an RN Flight Coordinator is an experienced nurse who knows how to arrange a trip in a way that benefits the client. This includes booking direct flights whenever possible, working with airport officials to ensure clients have a safe and comfortable trip through the airport, and securing any needed early boarding privileges from commercial airlines.

Traveling with a Flight Nurse

Flight nurses travel with clients during the entirety of their trip on a commercial airline. They have years of nursing experience and the training required to provide medical care at high altitudes. They also work with airport and airline officials to get any assistance required as well as manage the patient’s medication and medical equipment. 

During the journey, a flight nurse monitors the client’s health and provides any medical assistant needed. They make sure patients take their medication at the proper time and also use any medical equipment properly. This can prove especially helpful to seniors with medical conditions who feel uncomfortable traveling long distances alone.

Coordination with Airports and Airlines

Both the RN Flight Coordinator and the flight nurse work with airport and airline officials to help smooth the way for the journey. That includes issues such as having a wheelchair waiting when they arrive at the airport and getting medical equipment through security. They also work with the airline to get early boarding and find favorable seating (near a bathroom, for example). Thanks to years of experience working in the transportation industry, nurses affiliated with NEMT companies know who to talk to in order to get the services people need.

Benefits of Using Non-Emergency Medical Transport By Air

The services provided through NEMT companies benefit clients in many different ways. Most importantly, NEMT flight nurses keep patients comfortable during their trip and also ensure that they arrive safely at their destination.

NEMT services also reduce stress. Those who work with non-emergency transport professionals don’t have to worry about making flight arrangements, finding the right person to talk to at the airport or airline to get special services, or having medical complications arise while flying alone. Healthcare professionals manage all of those issues.

People also can save money using NEMT services rather than an ambulance, which is far more costly. Using NEMT can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for travelers who don’t need all the services offered in emergency transportation.

These are some of the services and benefits to expect when using non-emergency medical transport by air. It’s a service that can vastly improve the travel experience for many types of people who might otherwise have difficulties or feel much more stressed if required to travel alone.

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