For many adults and college students, the chance for international travel culminates years of planning and dreams. However, injuries and accidents can make their plans unravel, leaving travelers in need of an international transport nurse to advocate for them and help them return home safely.

An international transport nurse plays an important role in medical repatriation, a term that describes the need for medical services through the process of returning to the United States from a foreign country. The key is to return home before spending a long time under hospital care in a foreign country, something that can take a heavy toll on both your health and finances.

Medical Repatriation vs Evacuation

Hiring a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company that specializes in international medical travel and who provides an experienced nurse for your journey can help you get out of that situation. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you decide if an international travel nurse is who you need.

Medical Transportation Options Explained

Why Do People Hire An International Transport Nurse?

Imagine yourself or your child in a situation where they are under medical care in a foreign country. In that situation, you face many challenges. They include language barriers, quality of care issues, exuberant healthcare costs and the distance from home, friends and family. Not all travel insurance will cover medical costs. An NEMT company and international transport nurse can help resolve the situation and get you home.

Medical Travel Insurance vs Trip Insurance

What Does An International Transport Nurse Do?

The short answer is that they see you home safely. The nurse comes to where you are, works with local healthcare workers to get you released from the hospital, then provides any healthcare services you need by traveling with you on the flight back home.

In addition to the medical services, an international transport nurse also works with local healthcare workers as well as airport security and airline personnel. They can handle all the issues that come up, from navigating the airport and getting through security to managing your medications and providing care in flight.

What Qualifications Does An International Transport Nurse Have?

The kind of nurse you get depends on who you hire. At Flying Angels, for example, nurses have years of experience in emergency medical care and certification to provide medical services at high altitudes. They are extremely capable should a crisis arise.

What is Aviation Physiology?

What Does A NEMT Do?

A NEMT provides expertise in international medical travel. In the case of Flying Angels, the company has worked with thousands of patients through the years and has contacts in both the medical and transportation industries around the world. They arrange your flights, contact the airport ahead of time to make your travel go smoother and set up any ground transportation or accommodations you may need.

What Does Flying Angels Do?

What Does My Insurance Cover?

It’s important to read your own health insurance plan before leaving on a trip. Most policies will not cover the cost of getting home from a foreign country. There are medical travel insurance plans available, but be sure to compare costs and services and find the one that works best for you. Getting injured or requiring medical care while on a trip does not have to become a nightmare situation. By planning ahead and having contact information for a NEMT company, you can travel with the assurance that if something does go wrong, you have someone you can trust to help you get back home.

Let's Discuss Your Medical Transportation Options

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