Travel hacks make the task of flying a bit more bearable. While you can’t control everything about the trip, you can take small steps to increase your comfort level.

DIY Travel Hacks

Flying on a commercial airline is not always a fun experience. For those who hate to fly it may even cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Ill or disabled travelers using a non-emergency medical transport service have the benefit of a trained professional who can suggest these proven travel hacks before their trip.

TSA Travel Tips for Disabled Travelers

A Flight Pillow

A quality flight pillow that can bend and fit comfortably around your neck whether you are sitting back in your seat or turned to the side. It’s certainly better than the classic “lay your head on the tray” maneuver.

A Hydrating Face Mask

Flying can really dry you out, especially if you are prone to drying out, anyway. A face mask can help keep the moisture in your face and not let it drift away in the recycled air at 35,000 feet.

Portable Charger

No, you can’t charge your phone or tablet on the plane. When power runs out, it’s goodbye electronic device until you get to the airport. Pack a portable charger that keeps your equipment up and running so you can keep enjoying whatever movie you’ve decided to watch in-flight.

International Travel Checklist


Whether you are piping in actual audio or wearing noise-dampening headphones, this is a smart choice to drown out the sound of the salesperson in the next seat over describing in detail his last trip to Omaha. Or that baby crying behind you.

Have Standout Luggage

This isn’t so much in-flight, but post-flight. Still, it’s smart to either buy that pink piece of luggage or slap your black suitcase with a giant smiley face sticker. Otherwise, it’s easy to have a tough time spotting your luggage among all the black and grey luggage on the baggage carousel.

Play Music

If you get nervous during a flight, then pack your iPhone or other portable device with music that you love and that calms you down. Simply listening to music you enjoy can make a flight go by much faster.

Fun Things to Do on a Plane


If you are able, exercising before a flight can make it easier to fall asleep once you get in the air. If not, stretching exercises can both make you feel calmer and more comfortable during the flight.

A Blanket

It’s cold up there in the upper atmosphere. Airlines rarely have blankets, and when they do, they are whatever is the opposite of “cozy.” Ensure your own coziness with a compact travel blanket that will keep you warm.

Sanitizing Wipes

Planes, with everyone packed in together, can get pretty germ-y. This is especially an issue if you are receiving medical transport. It’s a wise move to get some sanitizing wipes to clean off your tray table, your hands and any other surface you touch.

Hand Cream

Same idea as the face mask. Recirculated air will dry you out, but a good dose of hand cream will keep your skin fresh and smooth (and smelling good) throughout your flight.

What Is The Best Seat on an Airplane?

Sit Near The Wings

Many of those on a NEMT flight will sit near the front if moving down the aisle is difficult. But if it’s not, consider sitting somewhere near the wings. There’s a bit less turbulence in the middle of a plane, because they are designed to rock back and forth when there is turbulence.

Those are some of the best techniques for making long flights more bearable. Just remember that you don’t have to suffer if you can possibly find ways to make the flight less unbearable. And keep in the mind that eventually, it will be over!

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