If you’re thinking about leaving town during the holidays, the number of options might surprise you. For those willing to plan ahead for their holiday travel, they will find many great choices for where to spend their winter break.

But before finding a place to go, it’s important to keep a big tip in mind: Try to schedule your holiday travel trip in the first part of winter break, which is usually the week that includes Christmas. The second half, which includes New Year’s Eve, is usually much busier for travelers.

Holiday Travel Tips

Here are some more tips for holiday travel as well as some great destination ideas. 

Enjoy The Lights Of Christmas Towns

Some of the most memorable holiday travel destinations are the Christmas Towns scattered across the United States. These are towns that know how to do the holidays right. They show their holiday spirit with elaborate light displays, beautiful Christmas decorations, holiday craft fairs, and winter festivals. Examples include Cape Cod in Massachusetts, St. Augustine in Florida and Taos in New Mexico.

Visit European Christmas Markets

The Christmas holiday is one of the best times to visit Europe, which is known for dazzling Christmas markets where you can shop, people watch and enjoy beautiful lights and scenery. Some, such as the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt in Germany, have been going since the 16th century. Others include the Munich Christmas Market in Germany, the Christmas market at La Défense in Paris, and London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Be OK With Stopovers on International Travel

Speaking of travel to Europe, people who are willing to have a stopover on an international trip can often find tickets that are cheaper.  A nonstop ticket will be much more expensive. But breaking the trip into essentially two flights can result in lower prices. Plus, you are not going to regret spending a night in Porto, Helsinki, Geneva or Rome. Just make sure to have an international travel checklist.

See Business-Oriented Cities

Have you ever wanted to see Dallas, Atlanta or Phoenix? These cities, which typically draw tons of business travelers, will be relatively low-key during the holidays but have many great attractions for visitors.

Look For Deals

If you want to see New York City or Los Angeles decked out for the holidays, then look for deals. Much like the European cities such as London, Paris and Rome, these cities draw both business and tourist travelers. However, more deals on hotels and flights can typically be found around the holidays as opposed to the big travel months in the spring and summer. Also, if skiing is your thing, consider going to Utah rather than Aspen or Vail in Colorado.

Look For New Routes and Hotels

Airlines often offer deals on new flight routes. You’ll also want to check out how to find the best seat on an airplane. Hotels and resorts offer deals when they have just opened. Consider being open-minded about where you go and book the trip where you can get the best deal.

Visit Jerusalem

For travelers who place importance in their faith, the holidays are an excellent time to visit Jerusalem. There are holy sites for Jews, Muslims and Christians in the city. They include the Western Wall, Holy Sepulcher, Tower of David and the Mount of Olives. Also, Bethlehem offers Christmas Eve tours.  These are some ideas to keep in mind as the holidays approach. Holiday travel, if planned properly, can actually be easier than traveling during other times of the year. And the scenery, lights and atmosphere are the best you will find any time during the year.

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