Hire a Nurse ton Fly With Me

Anyone can travel with a nurse if they need medical assistance to safely travel or feel more comfortable having an experienced nurse with them. Many people who hire a travel nurse do so because they have a disability or injury that makes traveling alone impossible, or they are seniors who want the benefit of medical assistance over the course of their journey.

For those who want to travel with a nurse, the first step is to contact a Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) company. Experienced RN flight coordinators help clients book their travel and also assign an experienced flight nurse to accompany them. These nurses also have certification and specialized training for what they do.

Who Needs To Travel With a Nurse?

Flight nurses who work with NEMT companies provide support and medical care for a wide variety of travelers. 

Serious Injuries

Traveling with a broken leg or other type of serious injury is doable (with a doctor’s permission) but also difficult, especially if equipment such as a wheelchair is required. Even younger travelers may have difficulty dealing with the many issues that can arise. A flight nurse ensures they have a medical professional on hand for any care they need, as well as help navigating the airport, security and boarding at the gate.

Chronic Conditions and Disabilities

Chronic medical conditions or disabilities that restrict range of motion, cause people to tire easily, involve frequent pain, or impact a person’s mental faculties can make getting through the airport and the flight experience challenging. Flight nurses have years of experience in working with people who have such conditions, giving them the support they need and working with airport and airline officials to make travel as convenient as possible.

Medical Repatriations

Travelers who have sustained injuries while outside the country often contact NEMT companies for what is known as medical repatriations, which involves bringing them back home safely and quickly. Experienced NEMT companies and flight nurses have connections around the world and understand how to work with medical professionals in other countries, getting patients moved back to the United States and into the care of their regular doctors.


As the United States population ages, seniors – some of them relocating to a new home – and their families increasingly depend on flight nurses to support them during their travels. For many, it’s overwhelming to deal with the crowds, noise and sometimes confusing signage at airports, making it easier for them to travel with a nurse who can provide guidance throughout the experience. For those with medical equipment and medications, flight nurses also keep track of everything, administering medication when needed and keeping track of medical equipment.

Flight Nurses Work With Airlines, Airports

One of the major benefits of deciding to travel with a nurse involves their experience in working with airline and airport officials. While making all the arrangements for a client’s travel, flight nurses also call ahead to airlines and airports, asking in advance for special equipment (such as a wheelchair) or considerations (such as the ability to board the plane first) that a passenger may require.

People can hire a flight nurse for a commercial flight through an NEMT company, where a flight coordinator works with clients to plan and book a trip. You can travel with a nurse on both domestic and international flights, making it a convenient service no matter your destination.

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