From frequent flyers to travel newbies, everyone can use a site that shares ways to increase air travel points and find great airline deals. The best airline travel blogs to add to your bookmarks include The Points Guy, One Mile at a Time, Johnny Jet, Loyalty Lobby, Airline Reporter and Airline Geeks.

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Six Of The Best Airline Travel Blogs

Over the years, the best airline travel blogs have proven again and again that they stay on top of the latest flight deals, airline perks and methods to get the most out of frequent flyer points. They are required reading if you want to stay on top of hidden ways to make the most of your travel dollars.

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The Points Guy

Brian Kelly, who writes The Points Guy, ranks as the premiere travel writer when it comes to getting the most from frequent flyer and credit card points. The site offers news on travel deals, advice on the best credit cards for travel, and destination guides and reviews. If you have time for only one of the best airline travel blogs, this one is it.

One Mile at a Time

Blog author Ben Schlappig logs more than 400,000 miles per year in air travel. He simply loves flying. Also, like The Points Guy, he keeps his eye out for ways to get the most bang out of your airline miles and credit card points. He posts reviews of places he visits and the latest airline news.

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Johnny Jet

John DiScala, also known as Johnny Jet, started by helping friends find travel deals. Then, as more and more people wanted the information, he launched his own site. Since then, it’s grown into one of the best airline travel blogs. “Johnny Jet” travels to about 20 countries per year. He shares travel stories and offers advice on how to travel in style while on a budget.

Loyalty Lobby

A great site to find the best loyalty programs offered by airlines and hotels. The site’s main writers are a trio of travelers who log hundreds of thousands of flight miles each year. They offer travel tips with a focus on the latest deals offered through hotel and airline loyalty programs. You can also learn which ones offer the best service at your destination.

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Airline Reporter

Airline Reporter offers complete coverage of the airline industry and travel. The site features 35 writers in 25 cities on four continents. The site includes daily updates on airline news, travel deals and all things related to aviation. It’s a must-read for those who want to keep up with what is happening in the airline industry.

Airline Geeks

Like Airline Reporter, Airline Geeks offer news from around the world on airlines, including travel deals. You’ll also find first-hand accounts of travel, advice on all things travel-related, and exclusive news stories. Readers have ranked these six sites among the best airline travel blogs for years for good reason. Each provides vital information you can use to make your next trip as good as possible while staying within your budget – and grabbing a few perks along the way!

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