The idea of patient advocacy has been around for many years. In the past, a patient advocate usually meant a member of the family, a good friend or perhaps a clergyman or pastor.

The idea is to have a person who advocates on your behalf with doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Family members, friends and others can still fulfill this role. However, it long ago became a position held by many medical professionals.

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What Does A Patient Advocate Do

Most associate professional patient advocates with hospital stays. Advocates in those positions do offer a good example of the fundamental services that an advocate provides for a patient.

For example, they closely monitor the patient’s well-being, both physical and emotional, and give them an opportunity to discuss those issues. A patient advocate acts as a liaison between the patient and medical staff.

In general, they help cut through red tape and get patients what they need. They act as a supporter, promoter and spokesperson. It’s a key position to help people get better medical care, and it leads to better patient outcomes.

In Medical Transport

Patient advocates also play a role in medical transport. Usually the job is much more broad and complex than those who work in hospitals.

In medical transport, the patient advocate is a flight nurse, such as those on staff with Flying Angels. They are trained in emergency room work. They know how to handle medical treatment, even at 35,000 feet. They also play a key role as an advocate.

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A flight nurse works with disabled patients, ensuring they have adequate transport to and from the airport. In the airport itself, they make sure that patients have the services they need to make them as comfortable as possible through the boarding procedure.

During the flight, the patient advocate works with the flight crew. They make sure patients have the space they need. They also carry the medications they need and work with the flight crew for anything additional they might require in flight.

They are by the patient’s side throughout the entire experience. And because of their training and experience, they make the entire process that much easier for patients as well as their family.

Flight Nurse Duties On A Commercial Airline

Why You Need One

As the above shows, having a patient advocate provides a great deal of comfort for those who feel they will need assistance while flying.

This can include those flying for medical treatment in a faraway city. But it also includes those who simply are traveling for a fun vacation or to visit family. If they feel they will need assistance, a patient advocate is the perfect solution to their needs and a Flight Coordinator can help organize all your travel arrangements in advance.

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