It’s almost time to take a break away from the wintry weather and embark on sping break travel where the temperatures are warm, the beaches are beautiful and your time is your own.

Thank goodness! Spring break travel offers a great escape from your routine and a chance to have some fun. People head to Florida, the Caribbean, California and other warm-weather spots. It beats shoveling snow another week and wearing layers of clothes.

When making spring break plans, it’s important to keep some common-sense tips in mind. They include the following.

Choose the Right Spot

College students leaving town for spring break have different travel needs than those booking a family vacation. Make sure to check out the places you are considering through online forums and websites. Find the one that suits what you are looking for – only you know what kind of spring break you need.

Travel Advisories

If you plan to leave the country, then the U.S. Department of State website is a must. The federal government offers updated information on potential dangers in traveling to different countries. The countries are ranked by levels, with Level 1 meaning “exercise normal precautions” (this includes most countries) and Level 4 meaning “do not travel” (Afghanistan).  A color-coded map on the site gives you a chance to quickly see if a country is safe to visit.

Travel Budget

You need one. Then, you need to stick to one. A budget works best if you set it before you pick a spot to visit for spring break. That way, you won’t set your sights on going somewhere that you cannot afford. Once the budget is set, look for places to visit that fit within your budget. Don’t forget to include airfare, car rentals, hotels, food and souvenirs. You don’t want to blow your spring break travel budget for the entire year on spring break. You will regret it come summer.

Look For Spring Break Travel Deals

Once you have your budget and destination in place, look for deals. The travel and leisure industry is very competitive and they know all the spring break places people want to visit. Many hotels will offer great deals to beat out the competition. Look for deals early and you can save a lot of cash on your trip.

Make A Plan for Emergencies

Many people do not take the time to plan for what happens if you get hurt on vacation. You’ll want to have the right kind of insurance for your trip. You also want to have emergency numbers for where you are going and pack all medications and supplies you need. It’s also a smart move to have contract information for non-emergency medical transport in case you need help getting back home. Experts in NEMT can bring you back safely even if you are in a foreign country.

Pack What You Need

This applies to families especially. Don’t wait to buy sunglasses, flip flops and t-shirts when you arrive at your spring break spot. Instead, buy what you can before you leave and pack it for the flight. You will save a lot of money by not waiting. That said, don’t pack more than you need. Spring break is one of those times when you want to travel light. Keeping these tips in mind can make your spring break trip that much better. Plan early, save money and take steps to make sure you and your family are safe. That way, you can spend more time doing what you are supposed to do on spring break – have fun!

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