For those who wish to travel to Hawaii but need to fly with a nurse, achieving that goal just got a little easier with NEMT to Hawaii.

NEMT To Hawaii

Flying Angels recently expanded its service area to include Hawaii. The company has staff based in Hawaii and can handle all the details in getting those to the Pacific island state who require non-emergency medical transport.

For those in such a situation, Flying Angels will “take care of everything,” the company says on its website.

Traveling To Hawaii

People can require support when traveling to Hawaii for any number of reasons. In some cases, it can be people who live there who are trying to return home from a distant location. In others, people may have travel plans for Hawaii but are not able to make the trip without flying with trained medical personnel.

Also, those in Hawaii may need transportation services from one island to another.

Hiring non-emergency medical transport can help in all these cases. Flying Angels specializes in providing medical care for those who need it when traveling, as well as arranging all the details of a trip to make it as non-stressful and enjoyable as possible.

Flying Angels Services

Flying Angels, based in Philadelphia, has emerged as a leader in the growing non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) field.

NEMT is a very different service than an air ambulance, which is what many think of when they think about medical transport. In the case of an air ambulance, people are flown to trauma centers or intensive care units by helicopter or plane.

They are most often seen taking people from the site of major accidents or during natural disasters.

NEMT also transports patients, but under different circumstances. A NEMT service such as Flying Angels transports people using domestic and international commercial airlines, as well as with ground transportation to and from the airport.

A flight nurse travels with the patient. They are trained medical professionals capable of handling emergency situations. They also carry any medications a patient might need. They are with the patient the entire trip

Typically, people hire Flying Angels because they need to travel to another location for needed medical treatment and cannot get there on their own. Or, they are traveling elsewhere and experience a medical situation. Once they recover, a service such as Flying Angels can get them home safely.

They also fly with those who have chronic conditions or diseases when they travel for vacation – which is a service that could come in handy now that they provide NEMT to Hawaii.

The company offers some case examples of what they do for those interested in the medical transport service.

For those who want to fly to Hawaii and feel they may need medical assistance, Flying Angels is now making that dream easier to turn into a reality.

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