RN Flight Coordinator

Who are Your Dedicated Assisted Travel Agents?

Your flight care nurse is not the only team member with extensive medical training. Each of our flight coordinators are RNs with emergency and critical care experience in addition to special training in flight psychology.  See what others have to say about planning assisted flight travel with Flying Angels.

Our Compassionate Experts Take Care Everything

Flying Angels helps you or your loved ones with assisted flight travel, no matter where you need to go. Our highly experienced critical care registered air travel nurses accompany and care for travelers with varying needs and purposes for travel. But before we travel with you, our RN Flight Coordinators will take care of all the details.

Prepare to Travel with an RN Flight Coordinator

As you prepare to travel, Flying Angels will take care of all the details. Whether you or a loved one need assisted travel for pleasure, medical treatment, retirement or to move closer to family, you won’t have to think about a single detail.

Your RN Flight Coordinator Will:

  • Arrange all travel reservations
  • Handle any related travel paperwork
  • Make sure special accommodations are made when needed
  • Anticipate problems and solve them efficiently
  • Handle any travel delays, flight changes, and cancellations

Contact an RN Flight Coordinator Now

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