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At some point in your life, you may find yourself needing to buy an airline ticket for someone else. It could be for a girlfriend or boyfriend, a child or elderly parents who are going through a senior relocation

Whatever the case, buying an airline ticket for someone else requires knowing all the information you will need beforehand and following the proper steps. 

In some cases, it might be easier to hire a non-emergency medical transport company that handles booking all the arrangements for a flight. This is especially useful for those who might need assistance during the flight, including elderly parents, those with chronic conditions that impact mobility, or those who have been injured. 

Is It OK to Buy an Airline Ticket For Someone Else?

It’s absolutely OK to buy an airline ticket for someone else. It’s a great gift to give someone. It’s also necessary for some situations.

As the following steps will show, buying a plane ticket for someone else just requires knowing the right information before you make the purchase. It’s also important for the person taking the flight they bring the proper identification to the airport.  

The following steps provide a general guideline for how to buy an airline ticket for someone else. These apply whether you are a member of an airline’s rewards program or buying for the first time from an airline. They also apply no matter how you choose to pay.

How to Buy An Airline Ticket For Someone Else

There are two main phases when you buy an airline ticket for someone else. The first is when you purchase the tickets, typically through an online portal. The second is when the ticket recipient goes to the airport on the day of the flight.

Purchasing Ticket for Someone Else

During the purchasing process, you will want to keep the following in mind.

Information Needed

Much like when you buy your own ticket, you will need specific information for the person who is going to fly. That includes date of birth, their full name (as it appears on a driver’s license or other official ID), You also must know the person’s country of residence.  While this seems simple and straightforward, it often trips people up because they don’t ask their parents how their name appears on their IDs! You want to have an exact match.

International Flight

If you are buying a ticket for someone to fly internationally, you will want to ensure that you have the person’s passport information when purchasing the tickets.

Payment Methods

You can use the payment methods you typically use for your own tickets, including credit cards. The name and address associated with the card does not have to match the passenger’s name. Also, most airlines will let you use frequent flier points or air miles. Always check to see if you can use these first because it can save you a substantial amount of money.

Adding Amenities

As an extra bonus for the person you are buying the ticket for, you might want to add bonuses such as early boarding or preferred seating. This is especially important for older parents or travelers who have mobility issues.

What Passengers Should Do

As important as information is when purchasing a ticket, it’s even more important for people to know what they need to make the trip.

Getting itinerary

Sending the itinerary is a simple step that people can forget. With some airlines, you can send the itinerary directly to the people who are flying. However, in some cases, all the information is going to come to you. Make sure you forward all the information to your parents or ticket recipients. Also, communicate any other useful information, such as parking garage locations and all the extras you may have purchased.

Research Airline

Since they are the ones who are actually flying, the ticket recipient should double-check the itinerary the night before departure to make sure that all flights are still scheduled (this is a process they should repeat before leaving for the airport). They also should find out any rules about where they need to be for early boarding or items they need to check in with security.

Bring ID That Matches

When checking in for the flight, the passenger should make sure they have identification that matches the name given when the ticket was purchased. This is a very important step. Without proper identification – including a passport if the travel is international – they will not be able to receive their tickets.

Buying an airline ticket for someone else is a great gift. It’s especially true if it’s your parents and they want to come spend time with you, their grandchildren and other family members. With the ease of purchasing online, it’s easier than ever to book travel for parents and spend quality time together.

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