At some point in your life, you may find yourself needing to buy an airline ticket for someone else. In many cases, adult children purchase tickets for their parents to visit grandchildren or attend a family get-together. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy once you know how.

You will need certain information and must follow specific steps. Equally important is that the people you book the trip also know the kind of information they will need to carry to the airport. While you’re paying for the ticket, they will need to correctly identify themselves before getting the tickets and boarding the plane.

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Steps to Buy An Airline Ticket For Someone Else

The following steps provide a general guideline for how to buy an airline ticket for someone else. These apply whether you are a member of an airline’s rewards program – such as Southwest’s Rapid Rewards – or buying for the first time from an airline.

Important Information

Much like when you buy your own ticket, you will need to provide the birth date, full name (as it appears on their driver’s license or other official ID), and country of residence. This seems simple, but it often trips people up because they don’t ask their parents how their name appears on their IDs! You want to have an exact match. If the flight is international, you may have to fill in passport information.

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Using Air Miles

Most airlines will allow you to buy an airline ticket for someone else using your frequent flyer or air miles. Double-check to make sure that is the case with your airline, as it can save you big bucks.

Add Amenities

When you buy an airline ticket for someone else, especially your parents, you will want to think about adding extras that can make the trip more enjoyable. For example, think about early boarding, requesting a seat close to the front, and getting seats with more legroom.

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Send the Itinerary

Sending the itinerary is a simple step that people can forget. With some airlines, you can send the itinerary directly to the people who are flying. However, in some cases, all the information is going to come to you. Make sure you forward all the information to your parents. Also, communicate any other useful information, such as parking garage locations and all the extras you may have purchased.

Bring the Proper ID

At this point, everything works as if your parents had purchased the tickets themselves. They can download the ticket on their phone or print it out. They will need to bring IDs that match the name on the purchased tickets. Otherwise, they are good to go! Buying an airline ticket for someone else is a great gift. It’s especially true if it’s your parent and they want to come to spend time with you, their grandchildren and other family members. With the ease of purchasing online, it’s easier than ever to book travel for parents and spend quality time together.

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