Success Stories

Flying Angels provides its clients with flight nurses and flight coordinators who rank among the best in the non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) industry. They understand how to provide clients with the safety, security and peace of mind of having expert medical care and travel support.

People can benefit from the many different services provided by Flying Angels, including long distance medical transport on commercial airlines, hospital discharge transportation, and senior relocation services. Flying Angels specializes in the expert medical care and flight coordination that make every journey safe and much less stressful.

What Is NEMT?

The NEMT services provided by Flying Angels involve flight coordinators who make all the arrangements for the journey and a flight nurse who accompanies clients on the flight. They plan ahead with commercial airlines and airports, making any arrangements needed to clear obstacles patients might encounter during their trip.

People in a wide variety of situations use NEMT services. They include the following.

  • People who recently suffered an injury and want assistance while flying
  • Those who have had a medical procedure and require medical support during travel
  • Those with a chronic condition or illness that makes traveling alone difficult
  • Families who want a nurse to travel with older family members when they relocate to a new home

A flight nurse provides care during the journey and offers clients and their families the security of having a trained nurse as a flight companion. 

Examples of Flying Angels in Action

The following offers a synopsis of several success stories involving Flying Angels providing NEMT services. You can read more details about each case on this page of case examples.

Caitlin and Emma

Caitlin had been assisting her mother, Emma, in relocating from her condo in a Florida retirement community to an assisted living facility near Ithaca, New York. The move brought Emma, 82, closer to her daughter and grandchildren. Emma manages well on her own, although with diabetes and some mild dementia she now can no longer live alone.

While Caitlin managed all the logistical aspects of the move, she recognized the need for assistance during the flight with Emma. That’s when she reached out to Flying Angels. The flight coordinator took charge of all the arrangements, from booking the flights to finalizing the plans. A flight nurse accompanied Caitlin and Emma on their trip on a commercial airline. 

The flight nurse meticulously tracked Emma’s insulin supply, which she required every four hours, and kept a close watch on her blood sugar levels. Emma eventually slept during the flight, which landed only a few minutes behind schedule. At the airport, Caitlin’s husband and Emma’s twin grandchildren greeted them. Caitlin took comfort that experts at Flying Angels handled the flight, giving her one less thing to worry about.


After a tragic car accident, Rose lost the ability to move, becoming a quadriplegic before she ever learned to drive. However, with the support of Flying Angels, Rose can fly. She recently flew from a hospital in Kansas to a rehabilitation hospital in Colorado. Her caseworker called in Flying Angels to take care of the trip, taking the burden off of Rose’s parents.

Kim, the flight nurse, traveled with Rose, starting with picking her up in a wheelchair van, transporting her to the airport, and working with airline staff to get Rose comfortably on the plane. Kim monitored Rose’s vital signs throughout the journey and moved her every quarter of an hour. She also fed Rose her meals and ensured she drank enough fluids. She arrived safely, and her parents hope the rehabilitation therapy will improve her life.


Carl required Flying Angels’ services after he suffered a heart attack while biking through the Pyrenees in Spain with a group of college friends. His friends got him to a cafe where they could call an ambulance. Eventually, his doctor back in the United States recommended a clinic in Cleveland for him to go to for rehabilitation. The clinic recommended he get transported by Flying Angels.

As with every case, the flight coordinator took over, managing all the arrangements to get Carl back to the U.S. from Spain. Flight coordinators are also experienced in handling last-minute complications. In the case of Carl, it required getting a new connecting flight after the first flight was diverted due to lightning. Flying Angels got Carl to Cleveland a little late, but well in time to start the road toward recovery.

These success stories, just three of thousands, provide examples of how Flying Angels helps its clients every day. They provide world-class NEMT services that provide people with the medical care and travel support they need to ensure a worry-free medical transport experience.

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