NEMT supports families

For patients, traveling with a flight nurse who works with a non-emergency transport company can make their journey much less stressful. However, it also offers huge benefits for families, taking the stress of travel arrangements off their hands and giving them the peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are not traveling alone.

NEMT supports families by taking on many of the tasks that can make medical transport stressful, whether it’s a trip home after a hospital discharge or a long-distance journey that requires the presence of a flight nurse. 

Navigating healthcare is a complex and challenging task even when in perfect health. It’s even more difficult for the elderly, the injured or those with chronic conditions that impede mobility. For both patients and their families, NEMT provides a consistent, reliable service.

Ways NEMT Supports Families, Patients

NEMT has emerged as a lifeline for patients facing mobility challenges and their families. The medical transport services offered by NEMT companies make a significant impact on the lives of families, offering them the support and assurance they need.

Reliability and Accessibility

One of the primary advantages of NEMT is its reliability. Traditional transportation options can be unreliable, causing stress and anxiety for both caregivers and patients. NEMT services are specifically designed to cater to individuals who face challenges when traveling alone, providing experienced nurses who accompany clients on their journey. This reliability gives families peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones will reach their destinations safely.

Specialized Care and Assistance

NEMT supports families and patients in areas beyond just transportation. They often offer specialized care and assistance tailored to the unique needs of their passengers. Trained flight nurses understand the challenges that individuals with disabilities or elderly family members may face during transit. They are equipped to provide necessary support, such as helping with navigating the airport, working with airlines and airports to make any special arrangements, and helping passengers board and find the best possible seat on the plane. These services provide clients comfort and security during the journey, greatly reducing the stress for both clients and their families.


Traditional transportation options, especially in cases of medical emergencies, can be financially burdensome. NEMT services offer a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for expensive ambulance services for non-emergency situations. 

Ground Transportation

NEMT services also include ground transportation to and from the airport. In the case of Flying Angels, a wheelchair van is used to transport patients, or a professional car service for those with minimal mobility issues. In most cases, RNs transport patients in customized reclining wheelchairs, which allow RNs to transfer patients from their bedside to the reclining wheelchair, then load them directly into a wheelchair van and to the airport. At the airport they ride through until they get to the aircraft where they are transferred to a first-class seat, often using a customized transfer slings. The use of these reclining wheelchairs is one of the services that sets Flying Angels apart from other NEMT companies.

Flexibility in Scheduling

NEMT services are designed to accommodate the unique scheduling needs of families. For those traveling long-distance, even to international locations, NEMT professionals can book all the arrangements in addition to providing support and care during the journey.

NEMT has emerged as a crucial support system for families facing the challenges of providing care to individuals with special needs or elderly relatives. By easing the burden of transportation logistics, NEMT empowers families to focus on what truly matters – the health and well-being of their loved ones.

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