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Are you preparing to fly commercially and have questions about what to expect? This article contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about commercial airline passenger assistance. If you are an older adult, please read this helpful guide for elderly air travel to get the best experience when flying. Securing assistance while traveling on a plane can be daunting, but we are here to help make it as easy as possible for you!

Can I Hire a Nurse to Fly With Me?

What do commercial airlines offer?

Knowing what different airlines offer can ensure you have the best experience; therefore, it is a common question individuals ask. Take a look at a comparison of four major commercial airlines.

American Airlines

The first airline we will look at is American Airlines. They provide a variety of services for disabled and elderly passengers. They offer help with mobility and medical devices such as wheelchairs. This includes assistance for transfers between your seat and an onboard wheelchair, as well as assistance moving the wheelchair to the lavatory door and back. To take advantage of this service, you will need to request a wheelchair in advance.

American also offers assistance with boarding and deplaning from all aircraft types. Before going through security, please let a ticketing agent know that you will need assistance on board, and they will provide you with a boarding pass that designates your special needs. You will also be given priority when it comes to seating.


Delta offers many of the same services as American Airlines and you will need to request special assistance in advance. In terms of services, Delta offers wheelchair and mobility assistance during every stage of your flight. You can bring medical equipment on board with you if the equipment meets health & safety requirements.

Delta also has multiple boarding options. They will allow you to board with other passengers, or they can pre-board you and try to help ensure that there is an empty seat next to you for extra space.

What Is The Best Seat on an Airplane?


If you are flying on Southwest Airlines, assistance for the disabled begins when booking your ticket. You may select a special service as long as you meet their requirements. This service includes boarding and deplaning assistance, as well as help in the gate area and on the aircraft. Southwest also offers a pre-board option for those who need it. They will board you before any other passengers and like Delta, try to ensure there is an empty seat next to you.


United Airlines offers assistance to those with mobility and medical issues, such as wheelchair assistance at the airport and during the flight. Once again, however, this needs to be organized in advance. United also has a pre-board option for those who need it, as well as priority seating.

Can I have a flight Nurse on board with me?

Yes, you can hire a flight nurse to travel with you on commercial flights. It is worth considering if you want a more comprehensive service than what’s being offered by the airlines. While airlines are doing everything they can to improve air travel for seniors, you may need a more advanced level of personal care than what is currently available. This is where a non-emergency medical transport company can help.

Flight Nurse Duties On A Commercial Airline

What does a flight nurse do for me?

Flight nurses travel with patients in both emergency and non-emergency situations. They have specialized skills in providing medical care at high altitudes and managing a patient’s medications. In the case of non-emergency flight nurses, they help patients plan their trips, navigate through the airport and deliver any medical care needed during the flight.

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