When facing a need for medical transportation, patients have a wide variety of options. But what’s the difference between an air ambulance and NEMT?

Air Ambulance Difference

These different modes of medical transportation differ for many reasons. Some are focused on emergency transport, while others focus on non-emergency transport. Patients may also pick various modes of transportation depending on their medical condition and the distance they need to travel.

The good news is that there has never been better options for medical transportation. This includes those who need air service to travel a long distance.

Both air ambulances and non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) deal with medical transport via flying. While both have some similarities, they are very different services.

Air Ambulance

Air ambulances typically come into use in emergency situations. In some cases, helicopters are used. The destination is usually a trauma center or intensive care unit.

The situations most people are familiar with for air ambulance use involve accidents on the road or natural disasters. Helicopters fly to the scene and quickly transport those that need immediate medical attention.

In the case of longer distances needing to be traveled, a plane can come into use. No matter what type of aircraft is employed, they come equipped with medical equipment to handle any emergencies that come up during the flight.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

NEMT, such as that offered by Flying Angels, is also medical transportation, but under completely different circumstances.

With NEMT, a service is hired to coordinate transportation of a patient needing medical treatment at a facility they cannot reach on their own. In some cases, this will require ground transportation. In others, commercial airline flights will need to be used. In some cases, both are needed.

NEMT uses both domestic and international airlines to book travel. In the case of Flying Angels, a flight coordinator is assigned to each patient. They handle all aspects of the travel plans, booking flights and arranging any ground transportation that is needed.

flight nurse also is assigned to each patient. They travel with the patient throughout the entire trip. They carry any medical devices or pharmaceuticals a patient might need. They also have training in handling medical emergencies.

NEMT vs Air Ambulance

NEMT has grown as the need has grown for medical transportation that doesn’t involve the use of an air ambulance. Using NEMT offers patients and their families a much more affordable option for medical transportation.

There are many different situations that require the use of NEMT. But services such as Flying Angels have made making the arrangements for medical transportation that much easier.

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