Have Fun While Injured: 8 Accessible Resort Ideas

Have Fun While Injured: 8 Accessible Resort Ideas

Those looking for accessible resorts have many options to choose from. With the help of NEMT services like Flying Angels, injured travelers can easily reach these destinations in comfort. 8 popular accessible resort destinations include Club Med, Walt Disney World, Beaches Turks and Caicos, by Sandals, Atlantis – Paradise Island Bahamas, Little Mountain Valley Resort, Resort at Squaw Peak, The Palazzo at the Venetian Resort and Turtle Bay Resort.

Popular Accessible Resorts

The following eight accessible resort ideas will give you a starting point when searching for a place to go on summer vacation. You may even find what you need among these eight places.

Looking for Accessible Hotels

Hotels in the United States are accessible by law to those with physical limitations. That may not be the case if you travel outside the country. Most hotels and resorts accommodate those with mobility limitations or injuries, but whatever the case, make sure to research hotels with all the services you need, as well as a location that best fits your plans.

Walt Disney World

Every Disney hotel has accommodations for those who have limited mobility or special needs. In addition to accessible hotels, rooms, and bathrooms, Disney also makes much of its park accessible to those with limited mobility. These include wheelchairs available for rent, accommodations for service animals, assistive listening devices, and digital audio tours.

Atlantis – Paradise Island Bahamas

This resort near Nassau in The Bahamas offers accessible lodging for those with limited mobility. The resort also has an online guide of its services for the disabled. The resort includes multiple beaches, dolphin encounters, water slides, a casino, great restaurants, and snorkeling excursions, among many other offerings.

Club Med

Club Med’s all-inclusive locations in the Caribbean include accommodations such as rooms and bathrooms designed for those with impaired mobility or special needs. Other accommodations included wider clearance doorways, bathroom rails, bathroom benches, and lighted light switches and faucets.

Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort

This family resort is one of the best to go to if you want a taste of the all-inclusive experience in an exotic location. The resort also includes wheelchair ramps and lifts scattered throughout the resort, allowing for accessibility, as well as wheelchair accessibility to the beach. Two of the resorts Caribbean Premium rooms are designed specifically for those with limited mobility.

Little Valley Mountain Resort

If you are thinking of the mountains rather the beach, than the Little Mountain Valley Resort in Tennessee could be a great choice for an accessible resort. The resort offers you the chance to rent a cabin in Pigeon Forge, which is near the Smoky Mountain National Park. These include wheelchair accessible cabins that feature ramped entrances, open floor plans and master suites on the first floor.

Resort at Squaw Peak

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas in the western United States. The Resort at Squaw Creek by Lake Tahoe in the mountains of northern California is considered one of the most accessible resorts in the world. It features an accessible fitness center, wheelchair height peepholes, and audio/visual smoke detectors They have a Disabled Access Ambassador on staff who handles all the needs for disabled guests.

The Palazzo at the Venetian Resort

Thinking of going to Las Vegas? The Palazzo at the Venetian Resort offers 66 wheelchair accessible rooms. It also has easy access for those with limited mobility to shopping and dining. And there’s a lot of that available – the resort has about 35 restaurants alone.

Turtle Bay Resort

If you are traveling to Hawaii, then the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of the island of O’ahu is worth considering if you need a place that accommodates those with limited mobility. The resort offers 11 standard accessible rooms and four suites that are accessible. All the resorts pools and hot tubs have lifts. These are some of the top accessible resorts that can hopefully help you decide where to have fun while injured. No matter which destination you choose, relax and focus on getting back to optimal health!

Emergency vs. Medical Transport: What’s The Difference?

Emergency vs. Medical Transport: What’s The Difference?

Both medical transport and emergency transport involve getting people from one location to another. Emergency transport typically is used to get a patient to a hospital quickly. Medical transport involves moving someone who needs or wants medical care during the journey.

The main difference is the situation. Those in emergency transport need to arrive at a treatment facility as fast as possible. Those who get medical transport are not usually in a hurry. They may even be on vacation. But they have medical personnel with them to ensure their medical needs are taken care of during the trip.

Reasons for Emergency Transport

If you ever are in a situation where you must dial 9-1-1, the people who arrive work in emergency transport. Typically, they use an ambulance or helicopter. What is sent depends on your medical condition or injury. Emergency personnel will send whatever vehicle they think has the best chance of keeping you alive until you reach the hospital.

The staff involved with emergency transport includes emergency medical technicians (EMT) and paramedics who can assess your condition and perform the necessary medical procedures to keep you stable until you reach the hospital.

They are experts at first-aid treatment and life support care. They report what they have seen to doctors and nurses at the hospital once they arrive.

Reasons for Medical Transport

Many who are interested in medical transport may not know that the nurses who travel with patients have training and experience in emergency medicine – at least, that is the case with Flying Angels.

Medical transport, sometimes called non-emergency medical transport (NEMT), can be used for many reasons. They typically involve air travel. Situations that could involve medical transport include:

  • Traveling to see a specialist in another city
  • Grandparents on a vacation to see loved ones
  • Elderly parents moving to a new home
  • Someone who has suffered an injury but who must travel
  • Someone with a chronic medical condition
  • Someone who has experienced a medical emergency in another country and is trying to get home

In any of those situations, people can hire a service that provides a flight nurse who will travel with them. The experienced nurse manages all the medical equipment needed to handle any situation, as well as manage the patient’s medication. They also have training on providing medical care at high altitudes.

Additionally, the company handles all the travel arrangements for clients and guides them through all the processes within the airport. Those are the primary differences between emergency transport and medical transport. Here’s hoping you never need either, but if you need the latter, you at least know that help is there when you need it.