Why Disabled Travel Is Easier Than Ever

Why Disabled Travel Is Easier Than Ever

Travel may have seemed like an impossible dream for those with disabilities not that long ago. But today, disabled travel on commercial airlines is easier than ever.

Disabled Travel Tips

From helpful airlines to destinations that have worked hard to make accommodations and sightseeing spots accessible to those with disabilities, there’s never been a better time for disabled travel.

Many of the tasks below are handled by a professional flight coordinator for those who use medical transport services. With years of experience working with airlines and others in the travel industry, Flying Angles has the expertise to make the trip smooth and comfortable. Here are some useful tips If you choose to handle the travel plans on your own.

Helpful Airlines

By calling ahead, airlines can make your visit to the airport for disabled travel much easier. In some cases, an airline will dispatch an employee to meet you and assist you throughout your trip through the airport. That can include offering a wheelchair and help when traveling through security. Just be sure to find out if there is an extra charge for this service – many airlines will do it for free.

Accessible Hotels

As with the airlines, most hotels at all price ranges have made things easier for disabled travel. Again, it’s advisable to call them in advance and let them know if you will need any special https://www.fertileheart.com/buy-prednisone-online/ services. These can include booking you in a room that is built for use with a wheelchair. This also can include room service beyond the usual hours.

Tour Groups

Some tour groups now focus on offering services for disabled travel. That can make the complexities of getting around a foreign city that much easier. These tour groups can range from African safaris to visits to South America, Europe and Asia. You’ll want to ensure that the guide is a professional with training in working with the disabled. You’ll also want to know in advance the exact route of the tour and whether it will be 100% disabled travel or mixed with able-bodied tourists.

Work with a Service

An NEMT service such as Flying Angels specializes in making travel for those with disabilities as easy as possible. In addition to working with hotels and airlines, they also provide flight nurses who can attend to your needs while in transit. They provide expert medical care, relieve you of the stress of planning everything yourself and give you the peace of mind of having an experienced, trained medical professional with you throughout the flight.

Keeping these tips in mind can lead to a fantastic trip for you and your loved ones. The possibility of seeing the world or visiting family in faraway places is greater than ever.

Memorial Day Destinations For People With Limited Mobility

Memorial Day Destinations For People With Limited Mobility

Making vacation plans when you have limited mobility can present many challenges. Not all vacation spots have done a good job offering access to those who aren’t fully mobile. Fortunately, many places have.

Limited Mobility Travel

Around the world, cities, vacation spots and entertainment venues have gone the distance in offering excellent services for those with limited mobility. For this Memorial Day weekend, there are plenty of opportunities.

Getting there can be handled by professionals with expertise in non-emergency flight coordination, ensuring a comfortable and safe trip. But where to go?

Here are some choices.

Washington, D.C.

As the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. has set the standard for making national monuments, parks and buildings as accessible as possible for the disabled and those with limited mobility. Those include the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the area’s many museums. The White House and Arlington Cemetery are also accessible by bus. It’s a great trip for everyone who lives in the United States, and it’s one that has been made especially welcoming to those with disability concerns.

Dublin, Ireland

Most old European cities are tough on those with injuries or limited mobility. But Dublin has kept its charm while also opening up access to those needing assistance, including visitors in wheelchairs, according to the Curbfree website. It helps that the city is relatively small and flat, making it that much easier to navigate.

Beach Resorts

Beach resorts from Florida to California and Hawaii have a reputation for offering great access to all the amenities the location has to offer. And what’s better for Memorial Day Weekend than the beach? Visitors have access not only to the beach but also the entertainment put on by the resort, http://buylevitra.net including shows and concerts. It’s important to check ahead as each resort is different, but most are safe, accommodating and easily accessible.

Caribbean Cruise

Research must be done in advance, but many cruise lines are equipped for those who are disabled or have mobility challenges. Much like the resorts, cruise ships offer a great deal of entertainment in a compact area that is easily navigated. Disney Cruise Lines is known for offering not only accessible ships but also accessibility at the destinations where they make port.

European River Cruises

These boats are smaller, and you can watch the beautiful scenery of Europe gently slide by from the comfort of the ship deck. Many European river cruise boats are like floating hotels (like their cousins on the Caribbean), and it makes for a comfortable way to see historic sites.


Like Dublin, this European city retains its Old World charm while also being thoroughly modern. The city has done an excellent job of making many sites accessible to those with mobility issues. There also is plenty of public transportation which also has good access.

Popular Vacation Spots

Many of the big vacation spots have excellent access for older guests, those with disabilities and those with mobility issues. In addition to Disney, they include places such as: Branson, Missouri; Palm Springs, Calif.; and the historic districts of Charleston, S.C.

For those with limited mobility, vacation planning can be a challenge. But there’s never been a time where there were more places you can visit and enjoy.